Monday, August 6, 2012

Addie's Battle with the Monster!

We first heard the growling of the monster on Sunday, July 22 when Addie casually mentioned that she had a headache when she walked.  It was no big deal - didn't slow her down one bit.  Monday, she went to soccer practice and out to Dead End Bar-be-cue with Chelcie and her current love, Nathan Barnhart.  Drew paid us a quick visit to meet Nathan and (hopefully) give Chelcie his approval.  Tuesday brought slightly more discomfort for Addie.  She mentioned her headache was hurting a little bit more.  Wednesday, I decided to take her in to see the doctor because we were planning to trip to Lake Lure, NC on Wednesday evening thru Saturday. 

Unfortunately, we were unable to see our guardian angel, Dr. Peeden.  She was seen by Dr. Lauren Spectner.  Dr. Spectner took a look at Addie and suggested that she had been drinking too much caffeine and not sleeping well.  She said she noticed some fluid in her ears that could possibly develop into a sinus infection and since we were headed out of town, she prescribed amoxicillin as a "just in case."  I mentioned that Addie has a high pain threshold and even though she doesn't "look" like she's in pain, she is.  The doctor assured me that a "no caffeine and plenty of rest" protocol should remedy the problem.  If not, I had the prescription to use if needed.

So...we headed off to North Carolina!  Addie still didn't feel great, but she was walking around, talking, and eating.  By 3:00 AM, she was in severe pain- pleading with me to make her head stop hurting.  She threw up several times, and had a fever.  We packed up the car as soon as the sun was up and I called the doctor's office again.  The nurse told me to get the prescription filled and it sounded to her like a sinus infection.  We stopped at Walmart to start her on the antibiotic, but she still felt terrible!  She laid with her head in my lap all the way back home. 

Friday was no better.  She was trying to get some rest/relief with Tylenol and Ibuprofen, but she was not getting better.  Saturday, I called the doctor's office again.  The "on call" nurse called me back and shared that I hadn't had her on the meds long enough and it sounded like a sinus infection to her.  I insisted that Addie was in extreme pain and when the nurse heard Addie moaning through the phone, she said that I should "go ahead and take her to Children's Hospital."

More later...

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