Sunday, January 1, 2012


The first day of the new year started off beautifully!  Temps in the low 60's and clear skies in the afternoon, but the day didn't start out that way.  Cloudy in the morning with torrential rains during the 11:00 church hour.

NorthStar is entering into a season of prayer and fasting for 21 days.  The fast begins tomorrow.

Addie is spending the night with Abby Mink (good!), and Chelcie and Drew are both home safely from their respective New Year's Eve trips to Nashville.

Chelcie, Sam, Tom, and I had dinner with the Alfords and what a great time we had reminiscing about some of the many, many great times we've had over the years!

Verse of the day:  Jeremiah 29:11  Live it out!

No animals for 21 days...starting tomorrow.  Focus on building my relationship with my Savior...and my husband.

And So Ends 2011...

What a year this has been.  As I look back over the last twelve months, I can't help but be filled with mixed emotions.  Relieved that in spite of all the struggles, we're all still here.  We're still healthy.  No one has gone hungry and we still have a roof over our heads.  The big stuff is covered.  Maybe that's what God is teaching me.  HE's got me.  He will take care of me.

What would a New Year's Eve blog entry be without a look back at the year that was?
January - I lost two good friends, Rick Campbell and Vickie Tharpe.  We got two good snow days and I got the first major health scare of my young life when I felt a lump in my breast!
February - Still toughing it out at Sarah Moore Greene, trying to make sense of my apparent inability to form relationships with the folks I work with there.  Inside, I was miserable and counting the days until I could say goodbye to that school forever and return to comfort and friends I had at West Valley.  The month's highlight was my first mammogram and irregular results, second visit, and the sweet sound of relief when I was told there was nothing to worry about, everything was fine.
March - Trip to Ron Clark Academy was the highlight and getting Manuel Scott booked as our 11.1.11 speaker for Reach Them to Teach Them were the highlights
April - THE Storms, the end of OBIYTC and Nick and Brittany came out to lead us in the TCAP cheer that ended up on the news!  I began the difficult process of disengaging from SMG
May - The Locker Room closes forever
June -
July - Beach Trip to Topsail
August - Back to school at West Valley!
October -
November- 11.1.11
December - Mission Unstoppable and kids are HOME!