Monday, December 27, 2010

Why the Name Change?

It has to do with my search for voice, audience, and purpose.  I want to document significant moments in the lives of my children; I want to share insights I learn from my teaching experiences, and I want to share my thoughts, hopes, struggles, and dreams.  Not exactly "The Crawford Chronicles" because some of my posts will not be about my family at all.  Not exactly, "Because They Matter" because it's not always going to be about my students either, and I still tremble in fear after having been "reprimanded" and called out with no warning for my first attempt at sharing my heart as I learned the ins and outs of "urban teaching."  That's why I'll continue to vent on my own private blog and perhaps someday those candid ramblings will develop into a book someday, even if it's only for my daughters and sons.

Hence, I thought my postings would center on my quest to be a lion chaser in this world that runs from lions.  Basically, I'm a wanna-be.  There's nothing about me that makes me courageous enough to be called a lion chaser and there's nothing that scares me more than no knowing what tomorrow brings, BUT there's also nothing I'd rather do with my life than follow God with reckless abandon- like nothing else matters, like a lion chaser.

So here we between the lines and maybe you'll find divine inspiration to be a lion chaser too.  We can't have too many in this crazy world of ours.  There are lots of lions to chase.  Grab your snow boots and your sense of humor and let's head out on a journey together.

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  1. I'd like to be a lion chaser too! This is Jessica. From your WVMS class of 2008. :) Feel free to look at my blog!


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