Sunday, December 14, 2008

Missing Christmas

I would like to share a wonderful Christmas Message, by Jeannie Headrick.

His voice was clearly speaking: "Missing Christmas once again?"
Confused, I whispered in my heart: "When did I miss it? When?"
His answer came so softly, I began to comprehend.
Just how I've missed Christmas; time and time again.
I missed the real Christmas, lingering near the tree.
Looking for presents, specially marked for me.
Then once again I missed it, by wasting precious time.
Preparing for my parties, cluttering up my mind.
Another time I missed that day, because of my concern.
That spending for the perfect gift, was more than I could earn.
So here I am again, this special day has come.
Will I see its Holy Truth, the birth of God's Own Son?
Oh, it's not in gaily-colored gifts, or trees adorned so bright.
But in Christ The Lord and Lamb Of God, The Way; The Truth; The Light.
It's not in parties or Saint Nick, not in spending all you earn.
It's in His Word, His Holy Word; and through His Truth we learn.
That Christmas Day is so much more; A Savior has been born.
God sent the gift of Christ to all, that special Christmas morn.
The wise men came, the Angels sang; the shepherds bowed their heads.
Peace On Earth, Goodwill To Men; was what the Angels said.
And so I bow before my King, the Sovereign God above.
I now can see and hear and feel, the wonder of His Love.
I'll miss Christmas not again, for now I really see.
The Love God has; He gave His Son, for all humanity.

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  1. Just looking at blogs and google pulled my name through your blog! I was really surprised to see that you had blogged the poem I had written "Missing Christmas". Thank you so much for sharing it! I count it an honor to serve Christ our Lord through the gift of poetry. Many blessings to you!


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