Monday, September 1, 2008

Total Recall? Nope, but I'll Get Close!

We enjoyed a long weekend thanks to Labor Day. Chelcie had some young men from Florida pay her a visit. They stayed up in the loft at our house all weekend. Carson and Brian. Young Life pals. Nice boys.

They got in very late Friday night, so I didn't get to meet them until Saturday. Fortunately, they were relatively low maintenance! I changed the sheets on the mattresses in the loft and in doing so discovered the momentary shock of my life! I found a small baggie containing what appeared to be pot! After my heart dropped to my toes, and I remembered who my son is, my panic turned to amusement and suspicion. On closer inspection, I realized that the "pot" looked an awful lot like moss. Upon opening the baggie and taking a lungful of the suspicious substance, I knew it wasn't pot, but was actually moss. Not to be one to hoard panic to myself, I called Tom to the room with as much urgency in my voice as I could muster. He hauled a** up the ladder and I laughed to myself as I held up the baggie and watched the color drain from his face. As I handed the "evidence" over to him, I could suppress my smile no longer. Turns out, it was a plant! Drew put there on purpose! Big Goof-ball! He was hoping we'd find it and he'd laugh his little head off at his "joke." Where did he get such a warped sense of humor??

Saturday morning, the kids and I headed out to Victor Ashe Park to cheer Drew on at his first XCC meet of his senior year. He did great! Out of about 300 runners, he placed 19th! The Bearden team dominated the meet and Drew's time was his best start of the season time to date.

After the meet, we headed home to meet the company. Most of the day was spend relaxing and reading on the porch. I cooked a 'big'ol' spaghetti dinner complete with salad and bread for the entire family plus three! Chris Ellis stopped by to drop off the Two Rivers video and pictures. Ed stopped by too to provide instruction on how to connect wires. He left with the pictures and videotape.

After dinner, we went for a family walk on the RR tracks. Drew opted out, but Buffet, Sam, Addie, Tom, Chelcie, Brian, and Carson joined us for what turned out to be a lot of fun.

Sunday, I went to church with Addie and Sam and sat alone in the service until my dad showed up to join me. Mom wasn't feeling well, so he came alone. Miles and Katy came to the 11 o'clock service and I was happy to see them.

Sunday night, we headed to BoomsDay with everyone else in East Tennessee. We found our old West Park friends and enjoyed catching up and reminiscing about the good ol' days.

Thankfullly, Monday was a sleep-in day after our late night of fireworks and overhearing teenage boys discuss the civil rights movement at 3:30 am! Angela Gonda came by at 11:30 to spend some time together. I showed her around West Knoxville a little bit. She got the tour of Cedar Springs, Turkey Creek, Farragut and such before we landed at Lakeside Tavern for a little grouper for lunch. We had a very good time. I felt purposeful for the first time as I shared my heart a little bit. We talked about Crazy Love and trying to find God's purpose and then trusting Him to accomplish His will through us. Good time. We headed back to the house in time to bid the boys farewell on their trip down south as the head home to Florida. It was grilled cheese and chicken salad for dinner as Sam and I studied his spelling words and dined without Addie. She went swimming with Taylor and mooched a little dinner off of the Allins.

Tom just got home from working in Georgia, so I need to post some pix and wrap this up! Reach Them meeting tomorrow. So much to do, so little time!

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