Friday, September 26, 2008

Like Sand Through My Fingers

That's what I've been up to for the past two weeks. :)
I must mention that I had the opportunity to meet Pat Summit last Wednesday. She agreed to be interviewed for "Reach Them to Teach Them." Scott Cagle had the courage to ask her how she knows when she meets a winner, and she gave him three ways. First, she said they have to be hard-working. Second, they must be passionate, and third, they must be about something bigger than themselves. Her story of influence was about her 9th grade History teacher and basketball coach. He was the first teacher she ever had who paddled her for not giving her best. The paddle's name was "Mr. Blister." Pat said he paddled her so hard, he lifted her feet up off the ground. Things are progressing well for Reach Them, but I miss having Anderson full-time. We have an exceptional team and Summer Tucker is doing a tremendous job leading our Outreach team. Several of us are supposed to go to Nashville to hear Susie Vanderlip speak. Dean plans to fly us, so it should be a quick, fun trip.

Addie's cross country is proving to be enjoyable for her. She ran her first mile in 7.30. Not bad, for an 8 year old. I'm so proud of her! She is also in a Brownie troop, so I suppose we'll be hitting up all our friends to buy cookies and such. Her first meeting was today.
Sam loves soccer and his daddy! That child absolutely adores Tom! He would rather be with Tom than do anything else! School is starting to "click" for him and it's great to see him try hard and be successful. His art is unusually creative-so much like Drew's art used to be when he was in elementary school.
Chelcie is adjusting nicely to college. She took her first official "roadtrip" to Auburn this weekend. She's having a ball, testing her wings and preparing for her solo flight from the nest. Drew is right behind her. He is smokin' this year with cross country. I had the honor of driving him, Billy, and Peter to Nashville last weekend and Drew set his PR at 17.40. What a beast!
Tom is working hard all time. His blackberry is constant companion. I am proud of how hard he is working. A tree fell across the driveway last night and he had to cut it up at about 10, after working all day. He didn't even complain!
Well, we're heading to Greek Fest now! Pictures to follow...

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