Sunday, February 15, 2009

Pouring Buckets of Water Over Their Heads

Forgive me in advance for rambling through this post. I never know who's going to actually read these words and I suspect many who inadvertantly find themselves here are quite aggravated to read the musings of a middle-aged mom, who also happens be a teacher with a dream. It's difficult for me to separate the two, so this will be a ping pong post bouncing between my "mom" voice and my "teacher" voice.

Let's start with the mom musings. I believe my eldest child has left the nest. While not entirely on her own, she has the freedom now to pretty much do as she sees fit. This could be disheartening for many parents, but not for me. I am confident that Chelcie was raised to be an independent thinker, a strategic problem-solver, a classy young lady with a good head on her shoulder...I think she probably makes better decisions than I do! BUT, that said, I know how "things" can happen and I pray for her safety every day. Without her own car to keep her in control, I hope that she considers the possibilities before she gets in the car with others. I still keep thinking that I'll wake up one day and find that it's all been a dream; that I still have my little girl safely at home with me. Each day that passes helps to convince me otherwise...

Drew. My son with the dry wit, and engaging sense of humor. Does it concern me that his "friends" on Facebook have voted him #3 most likely to drink the most? Ummm, yes. But he says it's a joke, and when I honestly sit down to consider the possibility, I'm left believing him. First of all, he's home every night. He comes straight home after cross country practice and stays home. Even on the weekends, he's home. Occasionally, he and a friend will go to McKay's for some CDs, but that's about the extent of his partying. don't suppose he could be sneaking out? Nah, of course not! (I hope!)

Addie's ingenuity contines to impress me. She performs great in school and I am thankful she has a teacher who builds up her students and lets them know she believes in them. Addie is confident, happy, and hard-working. This girl will make a name for herself. Watch.
Sam...there's no other way to say it, he's the light of all of our lives, except maybe Addie's. He tends to push her buttons on a regular basis. With his missing two front teeth, big blue eyes, and mischievious little grin, you can't help but love him. He remembers everything! Just this week my dad told Tom he would sell him a car that he bought for $2000. (Drew needs a reliable form of transportation). Later that day, Sam said that he heard Papaw say that he paid $1600 for the car! Can you believe my dad would try to make a profit off of us? His own family?! Ummm, yes. He is a businessman, and that's what businessmen do. Anyway, this has not been Sam's best year in school. His grades are fine, but his love for learning just hasn't been there. I'm disappointed because every first grader should be naturally thirsty for learning. When they are not ALL encouraged and celebrated, young minds tend to dry up and give up. I hope I can reverse the trend for Sam. I must do a better job keeping up with his Reading Log. Remind me, blog, never to require a reading log again!

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