Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Oops! I Did it Again!

That's right. Again. I procrastinated. I let too much time pass before I took the time to document the one resource I have that is not renewable-my time. How did I spend it? Did I receive a return on my investment? Not sure yet, but I certainly hope so!

Highlights from the past few days...
Last Friday, Sherry Storms and I made fast tracks across town to turn in our "Teacher of the Year" applications and pick up lunch for our WVMS bffs. Unfortunately, Mr. Policeman was not as impressed with us and our clever banter. Sherry got a ticket for speeding. 60 mph in a 55 mph. But Officer, nobody would consider THAT speeding...'cept maybe God because He's an all or nothing kinda God. Anyway, we tried to charm and cojole Mr. Policeman into letting us off with a warning, but he was not to be charmed and/or cajoled. In fact, I don't think he had a smile in him. I did my best to cheer up Sherry because she felt terrible about it. I told her my new name for her was "Thelma" and I'd be "Louise" and we could just take off and rob some banks and take some hostages since we were already on the wrong side of the law. She wasn't buying it, but that didn't stop me from trying to sell it. In spite of the run-in with the law, we had a good day, and made a memory in the process. Sure wish I had a picture to post, but, as I said, Mr. Policeman was not in a mood to pose for pictures. Darn, they would've been really funny too! Use your imagination...

Another Friday moment was the loss of Sam's "other" front tooth, so he officially looks like a first grader now! I must post many pictures as I've learned how quickly those toothless days are gone.

The weekend's highlight was the Ulster dinner at the Foundry. I rode with Shawn and Robbie Conners because Tom had to be down there early to set up. They are such a fun couple! I have enjoyed getting to know them and always laugh a lot when I'm with them. Dinner was tasty, and the company was delightful! The two glasses of wine I had only served to enhance my already jovial state of mind. Sometimes I think I should partake more often...

I skipped church on Sunday because I wasn't feeling up to it. Instead I stayed in bed until about 12 and dozed and prayed and thought about the state of the world's problems and how I could help fix them. This is going to take a while!

Monday, I enjoyed the Boy Scout fund-raiser which honored Hallerin Hilton Hill with its "Distinguished Citizen Award." I can think of no one more deserving! HHH was classy as always with his remarks and I was proud to know him. Jack and Sue Wickstrom, Robert and Sherry Storms, Theresa Nixon, Ed Knowling, Mary Lou Horner, Chelcie and "Guest" sat at my table. "Guest" was the name they put on Tom's nametag. Not good. He was rather ticked about it. Can't say that I blame him. I probably would've felt the same way if the situation were reversed. Tom and Chelcie left right after dinner, with the assumption that I could catch a ride with the Storms. Unfortunately, the Storms slipped out right after he did, so I was stuck. I begged and pleaded via text messaging for Tom to come back for me, so I wouldn't have to hitchhike home, and thankfully, he did come back and waited for me out front.

Tuesday's highlight was the birthday celebration of my baby boy's 18th year of life! So hard to believe that he's already an "adult"...almost. We had the good fortune of having the entire family meet at the Pizza Kitchen for dinner. Drew, Tom, Addie, Sam, Chelcie, Grandmom, Papaw, Lori, Chuck, Courtney, Charlie, Natalie, Katie, Andrew, Bennett, Lauren, Ricky, Ed, Olivia, Delaney, Silas, Dane, Peter, and I chowed down on some scrumptious pizza before calling it a night. I think Drew really enjoyed his impromptu party and he especially enjoyed getting a brand new cell phone! I'm so proud of that kid! I wish I could find the words to tell him how much!

Today was a regular day at WVMS, but I enjoyed my classes. We're working on poetry this week. The kids are memorizing "Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening" and we're using the IWB to assist the memorization process. Today was discussed ballads. I can't wait to see what they come up with to write for their original ballads. Perhaps a few of them will be brave enough to set their words to music!

Enough for now!

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