Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sunshine, Smiles, Popsicles and Sandals

Well, Addie and I are excited!  Our long awaited Chacos arrived today just prior to our departure to "our" cabin in Pigeon Forge.  We loaded up our new wheels and miraculously made it to the cabin faster than we anticipated.  We were delighted with the updates - a new superBIG deck complete with hot tub and comfortable chairs!  We also feel much safer now that a security gate has been installed at the bottom of the driveway.  It can get a little freaky at night when I'm the only adult around)!  Too many Friday the 13th movies at an impressionable age I suppose...

Sam and Addie and I made a quick run to Walmart before Lori, Natalie and Lauren arrive.  Lauren told Addie she was bringing along her Bible just in case we decide to do a Bible study, so we may have to make the most of our "Girl Time + Sam" and see what the Lord has to teach us while we're out of the rat race for a few days.

It's just not the same around here without my #1 daughter, Chelcie Brooke, so I hope she'll decide to make an appearance.  Drew and Tom may come up on Thursday.  I dream of the day my entire family can spend some time together for the simple purpose of enjoying each other.  Addie is headed to the Elkmont campground on Wednesday, so I've only got two days with her here.  It gets crazy sometimes.

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