Saturday, June 4, 2011

Summer Adventures and Moo-Fest, 2011

Sam's sure to be winning entry

Addie's sure to be winning entry
Preparing the winning entries

Getting tatted up

They got in a little trouble in McMinn County

Finished this fabulous book today - highly recommended read!

Don't be fooled by the C-O-L-D.  Note the outside temp is 102 degrees!
I love these two sooo much!

Moofest, 2011.  Cross that one off my "bucket list."  Got 'er dun today!  Athens, Tennessee will never be the same after being invaded by Sam and Addie Crawford.  Even temperatures in the high 90's couldn't stop us from seeing for ourselves what all the fuss is about!  Now we know.  I'll just let the pictures tell the story and spare you the details.

Never let it be said that Crawfords will pass up a free Krispy Kreme doughnut - Nuthin' doin!  We also made an appearance at National Doughnut Day yesterday to scarf up a "hot doughnut now!"

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