Saturday, July 12, 2008

104 is WAY TOO HOT!!!!

Friday night we had our Life Group reunion (?) at the Bowlings. Chris, Lidelle and Rick, Patti and Jim, Ed, some Navy guy named Mark, Tom and I, along with the kids were in attendance. Rick cooked hamburgers on his big green egg and even found time to mix me up a glass of my favorite frosty beverage. We had a great time catching up with Jim and Patti. I hope that this time we can really stay connected.

After much discussion, we decided to study the controversial novel, The Shack. I'm actually looking forward to hearing the discussion that the book is sure to bring out. I just hope everyone reads it. The big drama came about when all three young kids got splinters in their feet, but Olivia won the prize for the biggest one of all! She managed to earn a Webkinz for her heroic act of bravery in allowing me to remove the "beast."

Today we went to Seasons for the Ulster Project's Pancake Breakfast. Of course, Sherry and Robert Storms were there and Chris Ellis came out to support the Irish lads and lassies. Ed brought Olivia and Delaney down and Drew and Dane made an appearance to check out the lassies. Chelcie came along with me and the kids, and we managed to convince her to make another trip to Dollywood. Olivia came along with Addie, Sam, Chelcie and me. It was way too hot and crowded to be fun, so we survived, made the best of it, and headed home. Addie's the daredevil in the family now, so she and Chelcie rode Thunderhead and TN Tornado, while Sam, Olivia and I joined them on Daredevil Falls. I took a solo ride on TN Tornado because Sam and Olivia chickened out at the last minute.

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