Saturday, July 5, 2008

It "Depends" on Hooters!

Have you ever noticed how holidays screw up your concept of time? Yesterday felt so much like a Saturday! I guess it should be a good thing to make the weekends longer, but actually, I like the weekdays better in the summer because I like to be off work when everyone else is going to work. Strange, I know.

This morning, I slept in with my little angels as long as they would allow it. Then we snuggled up in my big bed and watched the Williams sister slug it out for the Wimbledon championship. Kinda brought back memories of Katie and me one miraculous day at Fairfield Glade when we were both just pounding the tennis ball so hard we drew a crowd.

Becca, Kelsey, Kelli, and Chelcie had big plans for "dressing up" in their mothers' one piece bathing suits (like wearing a one piece is simply unimaginable!), and playing on a Slip 'n' Slide in Grandmom's front yard. Becca's suit was declared the winner as Katie suggested that it came with a Jane Fonda work-out video. I just kept having the song, "Physical" by Olivia Newton-John running through my head all afternoon. The pictures say more than I could about how much fun was had by all. Addie, Sam, Lauren, and Ben had a great time too. Fortunately, they were safely out of harm's way on a Slip 'n' Slide of their own!

Just to make sure that the situation was as dangerous as it could possibly be, the girls added a bottle of dishwashing liquid to the plastic slide. Fortunately, no one required stitches, but Becca did draw blood on the back of her leg after sliding down the front yard. Bennett got a kick out of wearing "Bubble Slippers!"

I do have an embarrassing confession. Promise not to tell anyone or mention this when you see me out in public? Here goes...I was the official photograher of the escapades so I kept my distance from the water. As I was noticing every detail that composed the perfect shot or camera angle, I happened to notice a rather large bumblebee land directly on Chelcie's right ta-ta. So as not to panic her, I said as calmly as I could, "Chelcie, don't panic, but there is a bee on your right boob." Chelcie then proceeded to pull her bathing suit top out and over to the left to such an extent that had "Girls Gone Wild" been there, she would have made the cut. The funny thing was, she had been turned to the side when the bee landed, but once she was made aware of her dilemma, she turned to face the street head-on! Maybe it was because I'm over forty now, or maybe it was because I've given birth to four children, but when I witnessed Chelcie's reaction, I immediately laughed so hard I wet my pants. Well, the girls got a huge kick out of that one, let me tell you! I laughed it off and headed home for some Depends as soon as I could stand upright again. I can't believe I just blogged that moment, but I figure it's things like this that blogging is for, so I can look back on these seemingly unforgettable moments and remember to laugh at myself...and others of course. I have a picture, but I couldn't bring myself to post it.

The next big event of the day was the incredible news that my cell phone was found virtually unscathed at Dollywood! I will head up to reclaim it tomorrow after church, and maybe even ride a roller coaster or two with Sam if I can pad his feet to make him tall enough to pass the height restriction. What an unexpected blessing!

Drew went with Sam and me to inspect the Littles' house this evening. Both the Little boys were working, so we had an empty house to investigate. There were definitely signs that young men had been there "passing time" but all in all, things could have been worse. I kept telling Drew how proud I was of him and how thankful I was that I never have to worry about finding cigarette butts and beer cans around my house. He just grinned at me. I love that kid!

Tom is in Kentucky today with Matt Stevens and Scotty, so I'm home alone with the kids. Actually, Addie spent the night with Morgan. Chelcie is out "fishing" with Cory and his women, but my boys are here protecting me. Dane is coming over later to spend the night with Drew so they can ride to church together in the morning. Sam is snoring beside me as I bring today's blog entry to a close. Goodnight!

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