Wednesday, October 1, 2008

"Sow" Many Seeds, So Little Time!

The weekend was spent at the soccer field. Sam scored a goal and his team won! Addie only played 2 quarters of her game. She played well, but did not get to score this time.

Sunday, Tom was out of town, so Addie and Sam and I went to church without him. We were amazed to see a hot air balloon in the parking lot. Kinda took us off guard because that's not something you see every day! Sunday afternoon, Dad, Ed, Dean and I flew to Nashville, courtesy of Dean to hear Susie Vanderlip's performance for Legacy of Hope. We ate dinner at Cracker Barrel and Dad treated all of us. The performance was entertaining, but did not inspire me to action. I was not emotionally touched, but was impressed with her athleticism and youthful appearance! We got home about midnight.

Monday was a "dream come true" day as Hallerin Hill and Bill Williams visited my classroom to film a commercial promoting "Reach Them to Teach Them" for Comcast. I can't wait to see the finished product! Nolan Smith is working on putting it together for us. Dave Gorden did the voice overs. Tom dropped Sam off because he was headed back to Athens with Steve Mathis to finished up a project. Ed and Olivia came to make sure we got what we needed for the website and spent most of the time playing baseball in the hallway!

Tuesday, I blew off my Dept. Chair meeting and chose to cheer Addie on at her Cross Country meet. She did great! I think she was in the top 25 girls to finish. She's going to be amazing by the time she hits 5th grade, especially if she keeps it up! I was so proud of her. Sam and Tom had soccer practice, so Tom dropped Addie and me off at the BreadBox. I drove thru Tropical Smoothie Cafe for a chicken salad and Addie slurped down some cereal before heading to bed.

Wednesday was the slowest paced day of the week, so far. I met with Mickey Lee, my protege, at school for about an hour. I stopped by my mom's to get the kids because Tom had to do something in Maryville and they didn't want to go with him. Sam was having fun drawing pictures, so I let him stay a little longer while Addie and I went to the grocery store for chili fixin's for Lisa's birthday tomorrow. I sent Drew to get him so he would get to see his grandparents and his grandparents would get to see him!

The evening was spent working on Addie's seed project, practicing Sam's weekly words, and checking out the test data website. YUCK! I STILL have a gigantic stack of papers to grade and no intention of tackling them tonight!

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