Friday, November 28, 2008

A Good One

Today was an absolutely wonderful day! I haven't had many of those in the past few weeks, but today was a good one. I had the luxury of sleeping late even though I slept in a twin bed with my precious eight year old daughter, Addie! Nothing like flannel sheets on cool winter mornings. Once I finally dragged myself from beneath those toasty covers, I got cookin' in the kitchen. Pancakes were on the breakfast menu! Sam's favorite. He doused his third helping with so much syrup we had to sent round 3 down the disposal, but he ate his fill. Drew even gobbled a couple of pancakes before he scooted out the door for a cross country meet in Charlotte this weekend. I pray he does well and can't wait to hear all about it when he returns. Sam and I made plans for a playdate with Evan and headed to pick him up for his "sick house" at about noon. It seems the stomach virus has hit the Vaughn household. After dropping the boys at the house with Chelcie, I headed to Webster's for a little surprise birthday lunch with Sherry Storms. Katrina and Nathan were taking their momma to lunch at her favorite restaurant. To reward Chelcie for holding down the fort for me, I brought her back a "Dante" - ummm, quite delicious!

When I got home, I had an overwhelming desire to make my house more homey, so I fired up the oven and made some homemade chocolate chip cookies AND some chocolate chip banana muffins, AND a little chicken tortilla casserole for dinner! Between recipes, I singlehandedly built the most beautiful fire! As Christmas music played festively in the background, I took great pride in my accomplishments and felt that this day was one of the most relaxing I have had at home in quite a while.

Chelcie went ice skating on Market Square and returned in time for dinner with two injured ankles from her skates rubbing on raw skin. She was impressed and happy with the homemade goodies filling the counters in the kitchen. The comfortable smells and flavors helped her relax and enjoy being with her little siblings and mom.

Now that the young ones are snuggled safely in bed, Chelcie is out on the town with her high school friends, and I am trying to catch up on my blog therapy, I realize that no matter what happens I have the unconditional love of my family and a few close friends. Most importantly though, I have the sacrificial love of my God and Savior Jesus Christ. I must use every day of my life to His glory.

I'm grateful for a peace-filled evening overflowing with love for my children, my home and my God. Sleeping well tonight!

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