Friday, November 28, 2008

My postings definitely could use a little organization, but then again, the point is for me to document my life, so if I can understand it, what difference does it make? Anyway, I felt the need to share a potential big event coming up in my life this week. On Tuesday, I will have the honor and privilege of sharing my thoughts about education on a one hour television special hosted by Hallerin Hill. The governor of Tennessee, the president of UT, the principals of Hardin Valley Academy and Oak Ridge High School are among those invited to participate. I feel singularly unworthy of such an honor, but then again, what better opportunity for God's power to work through me? I can't wait, but I am anxious. I'm taking Tuesday off work because my interview is scheduled for 11.

Great Reach Them song: John Legend "If You're Out There"

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