Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanksgiving Day, 2008

As I pause this morning to think about being thankful, I can't help but immediately think of my children. Chelcie, our firstborn daughter, has grown into a beautiful young woman. She lights up the room with her smile. Her heart is warm and welcoming, especially to those who need a hug. Drew, my high school senior, a quiet, gentle spirit. Drew helped me all day yesterday! He moved three rooms full of furniture and didn't complain a single time! I think he took as much pride in his accomplishment as I did! Addie is a little workhorse! She likes order to her things. She will work on a task 'til it's done! She is mature and thoughtful. Sam, the baby of the family, greeting me this morning with a happy Thanksgiving picture complete with a cornucopia and a hand-traced turkey! He's affectionate and spirited! Four blessings sent from heaven! More to come later...

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