Sunday, December 28, 2008

Crawford Christmas 2008

My first few days off were spent frantically shopping for Christmas gifts. I decided to create Wordles for my two sisters and parents. They seemed to like them. Big thanks to Jack and Sue Wickstrom for allowing me to create them from their business computer. I also met with Rodney Russell for the purpose of sharing PowerTeaching, but our time together ended up being more of a brainstorming session on what needs to be done to improve education in Knox County. He has a plan to bring teachers to the table to discuss what they need to be effective in their classrooms.

Mom and I made a trip down to the Mast General Store, and I was able to squeeze in a quick breakfast with Angela before she headed to Spartanburg for Christmas.
Christmas Eve was spent in anxious anticipation of heading up to Grandmom's house for dinner. This was a year of trying new things and our Christmas Eve dinner consisted of Lasagnae. The kids were not happy! They wanted the traditional mashed potatoes, turkey, dressing, green beans, etc. Another new attempt was having the kids draw numbers for Dirty Santa game. Again, they were not happy, but as it turned out, they enjoyed the game and all ended up with something they liked. Well, Lauren wasn't happy with her double-dutch jump rope, but she didn't stress about it too much. Drew ended up with our $15 movie card and Ty Beanie Baby, Chelcie got a $25 gift card, Sam got a can of red and green gumballs and a $25 mall gift card, Addie got a super cute "Praise Board." Everyone got along and we shared some laughs and funny pictures.

Taffy, the elf, spent his last day curled up around the M&M cookies Sam had left out for Santa. The kids went to bed fairly easily while Chelcie and I went to Becca's to pick up "something." I was afraid that the kids would be disappointed with their gifts, but they were thrilled! More about that in a sec...We woke up very early Christmas morning and headed to Volunteer Ministries to prepare breakfast for about 80 homeless people. Drew and Charlie did a great job cooking the eggs, Sam and I handled the biscuits, Chelcie and Addie cracked and stirred the eggs, while David and Dee Pickle worked on the sausage. Once the prayer was said, Drew and I scooted out the door before we would be missed. Courtney and Chuck were there working hard too, but Natalie got sick just as they were walking out the door, so Lori stayed home with her.

Drew and I got a little headstart and were able to make sure that indeed Santa did come to our house while we were gone. All was set and ready for frenzy of opening gifts. When Tom, Chelcie, Addie and Sam arrived, everyone had smiles on their faces and a few surprises they hadn't anticipated. As the dust settled and the wrapping paper burned in the fireplace, we all heaved a sigh of satisfaction. Then I noticed...THE NOTE!

Under the plate of cookie crumbs, there lay a note on white paper. Taffy had left a memo for our family that was divided into individual parts for the kids to read. Here's the note:


Date: December 25, 2008

To: The Crawford Kids

From: Taffy the Elf

Re: Santa’s message for you
(Chelcie read this outloud)

Chelcie: Chelcie, Addison, Samuel, and Drew
Santa has left something special for you
This special something requires lots of care
This special something is something you’ll share

Drew: But Santa was clear when he left it with me
That this wasn’t something for under the tree.
He gave me instructions and clues for you too.
And that’s why I wrote out this memo to you.

Addie: The first clue to figure out what Santa left
Is found in the pantry on the first shelf
You’ll find a big box wrapped in paper that’s red
You just might guess it by using your head.

Sam: Don’t open the gift yet, let’s round up them all
Our next clue is found under the bench in the hall.

Chelcie: We now have two gift clues. We’re close, we’re ‘bout there.
Our third clue is found right under the chair!

Drew: A duck or a pheasant? Now what could this mean?
Do you have a guess yet, or must it be seen?

Addie: I’ll open this gift and then I’ll give the first guess
I just hope that I don’t make a big mess.

Sam: Last night Santa flew through a terrible fog,
And I think that he left us a new Crawford ________________!

Look in the bathtub in the bathroom for a BIG Surprise!


After the excitement at home, we napped for an hour or two, then headed to the Baines for a little Christmas brunch. I hope to document that momentous family occassion next time!

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