Thursday, March 12, 2009

Does It Get Any Better Than THIS????

I'm overwhelmed.

My children are healthy. They run, laugh, play, and learn every single day. I can see them, hear them, hug them, love them...My parents are alive, healthy, married to each other. My sisters live in town and support me fact, in spite of me. My house is warm in the winter and cool in the summer. My belly is almost always full. I have job security. My husband works hard and voluntarily does the laundry. He adores our four children and he tolerates my antics. That SHOULD be enough. But not for my God. He pours out His blessing beyond what I could ever think of imagine (and I have a pretty darn good imagination)!

Yesterday, Dianna Glandon surprised me by coming by my classroom after school with a 7 foot tall balloon sculpture that said "Congratulations!" on it and even "sang" to me. Kool and the Gang's "Celebration" serenades me throughout the day! Her thoughtfulness completely took me by surprise.

I can't figure out why so many things are going so well for me lately. It's surreal. I've never experienced life like this before. Even parking places seem to open up for me lately. Most of my life, I've been more like a "Ziggy" than anything else. I've always been the one with the toilet paper on my shoe. I feel totally wrapped up in the arms of my Savior.

Today, Mrs. Fuqua called my classroom at 3:30 and asked if I could come down to the office to chat with her for a few minutes. I told her I had a meeting at 4:00, but I could meet with her for 15 minutes. She said she'd just come down to my classroom. I can't express my shock, amazement, and awe when she told me that I had been chosen the East Tennessee Regional Teacher of the Year! I'm in awe, not of my own ability, but of the incredible power of God at work in my life. He has given me this opportunity and I intend to honor Him with it.

We had another Reach Them BOD meeting today and reached several decisions. We decided to book Steve Spangler as our 2009 Keynote Speaker. Our date will be October 27th or 29th depending on the availability of the TN Theatre. We are updating our collateral materials with the help of Ackermann PR (hopefully), one of the best in the business! Anderson is working on a media promotional video. And our partnership with Chick-fil-A is back on the negotiating table. God is the God who makes all things possible! ALL THINGS. I want to leave a legacy that brings honor to Him.

I'm praying now for my colleague, Kevin, and that my daughter, Chelcie, receives the phone call she has been waiting for. Tomorrow is Panera day. Rise and shine early!

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