Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring Break '09

I had to post today before I let too much time slip away. Drew just got home from Orlanda with a medal for having placed 3rd in the mile run. He set his PR at 4.51! My boy is FAST! And I am P-R-O-U-D of him!

Chelcie is at the beach without me for the first time in three years. She made my night by sending me a text informing me that she missed me being there with her. The years pass quickly! How can it be that she's old enough to be making her own decisions?

Sam. Sam. Sam. The questions he asks are incredible! I must post them as they happen so I can remember them. I was talking to him tonight about why the bathwater starts out at a certain level, but when he gets in the tub, the water rises. We didn't add more water, so how could the water level rise? At first he said because he was so heavy. When I asked him to explain, he thought for a minute, then his eyes lit up and he declared, "because when I get in, I take up space, and the water needs somewhere to go!" Quite profound for my child of only six (for another two days anyway).

Addie, my verbal superstar, who throws off the average words per day spoken by females as compared to males! She has an answer or argument for virtually everything! I can't wait to see what the future holds for that young lady.

Reach Them update: 9 brand new folks have joined our Dream Team this week via Facebook, and I am thrilled to have them! I met with our business coach today regarding our opportunity to share the dream with Chick-fil-A to "remind" them of the impact Reach Them has had and will continue to have on this community. Good meeting, not great this time. Kevin seemed distracted.

Tomorrow I am meeting with Anthony to discuss the details of the 2007 event, and hopefully, I will hear back from the Tennessee Theatre that our date will work out. That's my prayer anyway. I'm thrilled to have Steve Spangler as our probable speaker this year and can't wait to talk to him myself!

Wednesday is Sam's birthday, so that whole day is blocked off just for him. We're planning trip to the mountains with the Packs followed by a birthday dinner with Grandmom and Papaw at Wasabi's! Should be a blast! Already looking forward to a great day!

Thursday morning, I am meeting with Melissa McCay from Chick-fil-A, and I can't wait to meet her. Based on our phone conversations and Facebook messages, she and I will get along great! I get the sense that she shares our passion for positively impacting the lives of young people...while we can! Then I am off to Chattanooga with kids in tow to meet with Chris Ackerson and a friend of his that he says I "need to meet this guy." I trust Chris and can't wait to see what develops from this meeting.

Friday is currently wide open! Virginia Creeper? I sure hope we can managed something fun...especially after all this nasty rain! Some Spring Break this has been so far! Tomorrow's a new day! (Thank goodness)!

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