Friday, June 5, 2009

The Start of Something New

As I reflect on this past week, I am grateful and inspired. Tuesday was a turning point day for Reach Them to Teach Them as Ed, Theresa, Anthony, Kevin, Miles and I met with Cathy Ackermann and Amelia at Ackermann, PR for the purpose of sharing the history, present standing and future goals of Reach Them. I must confess to being impressed with the level of excellence set forth from the time we entered the building until we left three and a half hours later. After our intense meeting, Theresa and I had lunch with "James" on the patio at Aubrey's and shared some big dreams. We both feel as if we're on the verge of something so much bigger than ourselves.

Wednesday morning started early with an 8:30 meeting at the Knoxville News Sentinel with my new friend, Mary Lyle Hyatt and a young man who did great on his second day on the job. After this meeting, I drove across town to interview at Sarah Moore Green elementary school, but did not leave the interview feeling like that is where I need to be. Principal Yarbro was very kind and I enjoyed my time with her. I also had the opportunity to see Donna Howard for a few moments prior to the interview.

With about 30 minutes to spare before my lunch date, I dropped by Panera to check email and ran into Janice Halliday. She always has an encouraging word and a smile! I love that lady! Then it was off to Pimentos on Bearden Hill to sit at the feet of Hallerin Hill and learn the lessons his father taught him. Brickies have to have sticky to be functional and beautiful. The mortar between the bricks is the sticky. All successful people and organizations have plenty of sticky! Hallerin encouraged me to pursue Christian record producers in order to have a compilation album of "celebrity" songs honoring teachers who made a difference in their lives. Definitely something to "dream big" about...

Thursday and Friday were spent at UT-C with Drew and Billy Miller. More details later, but my baby boy is registered and ready for college in August! YIKES! Time literally flies!

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