Friday, May 29, 2009

For She's a Jolly Good Fellow...

At last I have a moment to pause and reflect on the wild and crazy day! We had Addie's birthday party this evening from 6-9pm. Tayler Allin, Kloee Keener, Morgan Grebe, Ashton Idles, Rachel Limpus, Reagan, Emily, Natalie Baine, and Lauren Rymer were present and accounted for! Super sweet girls!

We played games, sang songs, ate candy, pizza, hotdogs and drank lemonade, fruit punch, and diet Dr. Pepper. Chelcie painted faces and Drew juggled. The crowd was impressed and momma was proud of her brood.

Fortunately for Sam, his buddy, Reed, was able to hang out with him for the duration of the party. Reed's presence was a great way to keep Sam from feeling left out or annoying the girls. Matt was also an additional "guest" at the party, as he has a tendency to show up whenever the mood strikes him. Of course, we never know the impact we're having on Matt's life.

Addie had a blast and was a very well-mannered hostess. I was proud of the way she made her guests feel included and involved. Tom had chef duty and charred several of the hotdogs, so he financed a pizza run to Little Ceasar's for something that "didn't have any black on it."

James Keener came to pick up Kloee, but ending up doing quite a bit of "male bonding" with Tom as they discussed camping as an option for family fun.

Britt stayed around to hang with the boys and we took a journey down "memory lane" from the good ol' days when Farragut was awesome...before the "yankees" took over.

All in all, I believe it was a pretty good day. Pictures to follow as soon as I can locate my thingy...

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