Thursday, September 8, 2011

Exceedingly More Than We Can Think or Imagine....

Just enough time to document the journey tonight.  Whew! What a ride this God-given dream has been!  This has been an eventful week.  I had the pleasure of meeting with Mr. Jones and Mr. Breedon from Food City yesterday and they were kind enough to invite Joe and Ken from Coca-Cola to join us.  As only God could do, He allowed me to effectively communicate our "big dream" and I left the table excited, confident, and optimistic.  Food City has agreed to provide the food for BOTH events and Coca-Cola left the table with "You have sold me 110%!"  Coca-Cola wants to share our dream with their "people" then we'll talk about what their involvement could look like.  I'm in awe...

Then Phil sent an Inky quote as our Thursday morning motivator. I sent it on to Inky with a message about the people he is reaching through his words, then Inky emailed me back that he had just left a meeting with FOOD CITY!  Crazy, crazy divine appointments to be sure - It just so happened that a gentleman who runs HT Hackney happened to overhear John and Inky and expressed a desire to be involved.  John called me this afternoon and shared that Hackney can donate all the water we need... with specially designed labels!

I'm overwhelmed, in awe, and humbled.  To God be the GLORY indeed.

Special prayers tonight for Hallerin's family as they cope with the death of his mother today.  She leaves a legacy.

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