Thursday, September 1, 2011

Miracles and Mustard Seeds

Week 3 already?  The days are sifting through my fingers faster than I process them!  My days back at West Valley are marked with a renewed sense of purpose and the resolve not to let minor inconveniences bother me...ever.  My students are absolutely the best kids I have EVER taught in 20 years!  They are polite, funny, intelligent, thoughtful, and insightful.  I'm almost afraid to say anything about them because it truly does seem too good to be true!  Of course, there is no perfect school and there ARE some challenges, but so far, at least when it comes to me and my neck of the woods, I'm happy to show up every day and do my "thang!"  My 7th grade colleagues are supportive, hard-working, and a pleasure to work with...I feel as if I am a part of the team, and it feels good to contribute.  I love the fact that there is very little "drama" on my grade least any that I am aware of! 

Parents at WVMS have generously opened their coffers and provided the resources I need to be effective in our Locker Room!  At last count, I had over $75 worth of iTunes gift cards that allows me to incorporate music into our Reading curriculum.  Yeah, our Locker Room is going to be ROCKIN'!

Reach Them to Teach Them is on the brink of something BIG, something I believe God has had in the works since the beginning...We're talking seriously with Food City about the possibility of being a title sponsor.  Food City has brought Coca-Cola to the table and we're meeting together next Wednesday.  Greater things, Lord.  Greater things...

God has provided a fresh, new team of volunteers who have stepped up to the plate with renewed energy and sense of purpose.  I know that this vision is from God.  I know I must be faithful in my actions and trust Him to do the rest. 

I wish I could ramble on longer, but dinner doesn't cook itself.  I miss my Chelcie.  Gotta get some Nutella to lure her home. 

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