Thursday, August 7, 2008

All Work and No Play Makes Amy A Tired Woman!

I really wanted to add pictures to this entry, but I left my camera in the car. Life's getting really busy these days so I'm going to try to take a look back at the past few days and get life documented. I'll come back and add some photos later...I hope!

Today's highlight was a big one for me. I had a meeting with the Mayor of Knoxville. Yeah, I know, not a big deal, right? Well, it was to me and let me tell you, he is such a nice man that he immediately put me at ease so I could relax and share our dream.

Incredibly, he agreed to everything I asked him to do for us. He understood the story of Reach Them to Teach Them and shares our passion for reaching young people. Looking back on it now, I realize I probably talked too much and too fast, but time was limited and I wanted to give him the full picture as best I could. It surprised me to hear that he had already heard of Reach Them to Teach Them! To God be the glory!

On the the rest of the day...I ate at Moe's twice today-once with Sherry, Angel and Vicky, and once with Chelcie, Kelli, Addie, and Sam. Today was Cassie's last day in town before heading to Auburn. The "Girls" were hysterical, crying uncontrollably because it hit them for the first time that they would never again be the same as they were those four special years of high school. Addie had soccer practice with Coach Blake, but, as it often the case, grown-up politics have gotten in the way of kids learning and having fun.

I tried my best to work at school, but didn't have much success. I had a Reading Dept. meeting and John Martin brought a stopwatch to hold me to my assurance of a 15 minute meeting. I made it!

Phil taught us a little more about school fusion, and I may have my class site up and running by the second week of school, we'll just have to see...

Yesterday's highlight was meeting my protege, Angela Gonda. She is one of Knoxville's Fellows and a recent graduate of Furman University. She is an amazing young lady! I hope that I will be of some help to her as she seeks to find her place in the city. I also had lunch with Nancy Meyer at Aubrey's because we had a system-wide meeting at Holston Middle School. We ran into Margo Dalimonte and she told us that Mallory was getting married!

Tuesday, I spent most of the day working in my classroom. We had a pre-event meeting at PetSafe but before I headed to the meeting, I stopped by American Print Solutions to pick up our new business cards. Our meeting went very well. I was excited to see Hugh Nystrom at the table with his. I believe his experience and contacts will be a tremendous asset to our team. Things are falling into place, but there is still so much to do! Sam and I went to Lotts to check out the class postings. He is in Ms. Duggan's class and Addie is in Mrs. Savage's class. We're already praying for a great year!

Monday was our first "official" day back at school and we spent most of it in meetings. We looked at "data" and welcomed many new folks to our school. Kevin Fowler is our new Social Studies teacher and I think he's going to fit in very well with our 8th grade team.

It's been a wild and crazy week, but I think I've hit the highlights. Tomorrow morning, the Breakfast Bunch is meeting at Panera at 7:00. Gone are the days that Sherry and I could walk and meet there at 8:00. It's time to roll up our sleeves and get back to work!

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