Friday, August 15, 2008

What a Week!

Let's see...where to begin? Sam started first grade this week. Addie moved on up to third grade. My "baby Drew" is a SENIOR, and Chelcie Brooke starts college! I initiated a whole new group of eighth graders.

Last weekend, Tom and I ran away from home and rode bikes all around downtown Knoxville. We ate dinner on Market Square and spent a little time with my protege, Angela Gonda. She's an amazing girl - a Furman grad, and a new employee of KARM.

Sunday, we went to the late service at NorthStar and headed out for a quick lunch at Jason's with the Mayos. Claire and Rose are all grown up beautiful young ladies!

Tonight, Chelcie, Addie, and Sam and I ate at Moe's for the last time for a while. Chelcie moves into the dorm tomorrow. I don't think it has hit me yet that she's really moving away, not going on a vacation. Sure, it's only nine miles, but it's a new chapter of her life. I'm proud of her and she's ready. Good things are ahead for my #1 daughter!

Addie wants to run Cross Country this year for Lotts. She's also looking at playing soccer, and participating in Girl Scouts. She'll be a busy girl! Sam's sticking with soccer, but he would also like to join cub scouts too.

This morning, our breakfast club met at Panera Bread. I still love our "downtime" together.

Not being divided into teams at school has added a little tension because Karen Peterman feels the need to patrol the halls between classes and take all the backpacks, books, and notebooks that the kids have left behind. One kid even missed the bus because she was looking for her backpack that Sherry had told her to put on the top shelf above the lockers. Turns out, Karen had taken it and put it in the teachers' workroom.

I had the opportunity to talk to Dr. McIntyre's assistant in the hopes of meeting him soon. I have a meeting scheduled with Mayor Ragsdale next Wednesday afternoon.

The Young Life Table Host banquet was Tuesday night. Calhoun's catered the event and it was very tasty! I'm grateful for Young Life and the impact it has had on me, my husband, and my daughter. Now if only it could reach out and pull in my son.

More too!

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