Thursday, August 21, 2008

On the Gerbil Wheel!

Round and round we go! Life has picked up its pace significantly since school has started. So much to blog and so little time. It frustrates me not to be able to share the details and paint word pictures like I want to, but I'll have to settle for getting the moments typed and worry about the details later.

Starting with today and working backward-School has been wonderful! We've had the best start ever for the beginning of the year! My classes are amazing and I love my students! We're going to go a long way this year. The big news of the day was a shooting at Central High School. Apparently, a student shot another student at point-blank range and the student died. Given that just a few weeks ago we had a shooting at a local church, this is hitting very close to home! After school, I went to Sam's parent meeting at Lotts and learned all about how to be successful in first grade. Sam and I are really going to have to buckle down and study! After the meeting, I went by Kroger to pick up a card for Tom (tomorrow's our 22 anniversary). Both of us almost forgot it entirely. Sad, I know, but life gets busy. Then I met Addie, Sam and Tom at Buddy's for a little dinner before heading home to clean the filthy house. Too bad I don't have a wife to stay home and clean for me! Addie asked an interesting question today. She wanted to know if there were more people in the world or more words in the world. I have no idea!

Yesterday, I met with our county mayor, Mike Ragsdale and his assistant, Mary. Both of them were so, so nice and I very much enjoyed my time with them. Mayor Ragsdale gave me $1,000 for Reach Them and pledged his full support. I wasn't nervous about meeting with him. I guess I was just so tired that I was numb! After our meeting, I picked up Chelcie and Jamie at UT and brought them "home" to Moe's for dinner. We stopped by the house and picked up Addie and Sam. Chelcie was disappointed to see that "her" room had been invaded by Drew. She's tired, stressed, and under a lot of pressure due to Rush. I pray all goes well for her. It's a painful process! The Longs met us at Moe's then I took the girls back to the dorm and managed to get back home by 9. Sam and Addie got to bed late and I couldn't sleep. I did see a Jamacan runner break a world record in the 200 at the Olympics.

Tuesday was our pre-event at Two Rivers and I wish I could post an entry just documenting the details surrounding that night, but I don't have time right now. Our team was amazing! We had people working very hard on their specific area. We had direction signs this year that added a lot of "class" to drive in to the Pavilion. Our superintendent came and supported us, along with Karen Carson, Rodney Russell, and several other "dignitaries." I'm gradually overcoming my feelings of intimidation. I figure if God can use me, I'll just have to let Him do the talking and quit focusing so much on myself. Cavanaugh did a fabulous job on his song! Chris Bruce shared a moving tribute to his father, Ken, and Sarah Gore's video was pretty difficult to watch. Scott Cagle was amazing as always and Bill Williams was the icing on the cake! All went exceptionally well. Ed Knowling had a bird land on him, just in case he was starting to wonder...He also worked his behind off, moving tables, chairs, podium, setting up sound, video, dvd, CDs, powerpoint and every other detail that needed attention. I have no idea how he did it all! Anderson had the tables looking sensational and Laurie was the team captain who organized it all. Summer Tucker had goody bags stacked 8 high in the back of her car and door prizes that were so visually appealing, the bags were gifts themselves! Everyone made it happen. Travis and Chick-fil-A took care of all the food without a single problem. I was in awe! Still am! My family showed up to support me-Tom, Drew, Mom, Dad, Lori, and Katie and Ricky! Dean even made it! It was a special night for a special purpose! I hope I'll get some pictures to post here. the moment, I don't even remember Monday! Ah, yes, here it comes! I had Addie's parent meeting at Lotts. I was a little bit late to it though because I went to APS to pick up t-shirts and signs. Jack and Sue have been amazing! I am grateful for their generosity and friendship! I picked up Koko's for dinner for Drew, Addie, Sam and me. We're so busy, there's hardly any time to breathe! It's not good to be this busy, but we're doing the best we can to spend time together.

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