Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Angels, Cheerleaders, and Hammers

After an unexpected four day weekend, I dragged my spoiled rotten, freezing cold body out from under my toasty warm covers at an absolutely obscene hour to head across town to see what remains of my Locker Room. Surprisingly, I found my "home away from home" to be pleasantly warm, rather welcoming, and smelling like Christmas (thanks to Plug-Ins)! Once I plugged in my two mini Christmas trees and string of peppermint lights, the effect was quite festive.

I immediately warmed up my belly with my new winter addiction - Maple and Brown Sugar Quaker Oatmeal. Mmmm, that is some good stuff! Again, I was unexpectedly surprised to find myself excited about greeting my Champions. In fact, I almost ran down our front porch ramp to bring them "home." Good times. Definitely good times.

Everyday begins with a challenging DOL (probably the most academically productive activity we undertake each day), pledge, mission statement, and announcements. Off to Music today with a little hallway math (Start with the number in a half dozen and multiply by 6, subtract the number of hands you have, and divide by 2).

This was one of the days at school that turned up with unexpected surprises. Surprise #1 - I met an angel today. She probably disappeared immediately after her contact with me. As I walked down the hall to pick up my Champions, a little girl with sparkling brown eyes, gorgeous Halle Berry skin, and two bouncy braids looked me right in the eye - wait, she didn't look me in the eye, she looked straight into my soul so much so that I actually felt a little shock. Anyway, with a voice like an angel she said, "Well, good morning! How are YOU today?" I think it was in the way she emphasized the word "YOU" that let me know that she was sent to me by God Himself. I don't care what anybody says, or how simple this encounter seems to my current reader, but that little 5 year old girl WAS an angel sent by the Creator of the universe because He loves me and wants me to know He sees me right where I am!

Angels I have heard fer shure!

Here's another crazy experience from today. I was on my way to school in the dark, freezing cold weather trying to remind myself to be THANKFUL that I have a car with a heater that works (hasn't always been that way) and that pesky calling that keeps forcing me to do things that just don't make sense (like leave WVMS and teach at SMG), when my phone alerts me to a text message from none other than Miss Brittany! In my mind I'm thinkin' "What the HECK are you doin' up at 7:30 on a dreary, DARK, EARLY morning when you don't have to be?!" Then I read her text. Here it is in it's entirety:

Brittany (B): Good morning!! I don't have practice until 11, so I'd love to come see the Champions this morning for a lil bit!!!
Me: C'mon girl! We'd love to see you
B: Yay! I have to return my books at 8:30 so I'll head to the Locker Room after that! (Smiley face)
Me: They will be back from music @ 9 so that works great
B: Okie dokie perfect!

Of course she showed up right on time and brought along with her some homemade treats (peanut butter balls and puppy chow in a specially hand-painted bowl "Merry! Merry! with snowflakes painted all around). After school I texted her my thanks.

Me: Yummy treats. Thanks for sharing! We need some choreography.
B: Ohh goody!! I can definitely help w/ that (smiley) & glad the treats were yummy, wanted to bring some fuel for the Champions! (smiley)

God is going to use that girl in a very powerful way! What am I saying?! He ALREADY is!

I want to be a tool in the hand of the Master Carpenter. God, use me too. Show me, and prepare me to SEE and ACT! No fear. No doubts. Know God.

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