Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Eve Eve

We made a happy birthday Jesus cake tonight.  Sam and Chelcie helped.  My house is a complete wreck, but that's only because it's always darkest before the dawn.  For my Christmas gift this year, Tom is getting things in order.  He painted Addie and Sam's room, organized the hall closet and is working his way through organizing their room as well.  Ricky left yesterday for North Carolina and will be back on Sunday.  It's sooo nice to have Chelcie AND Drew at home with no extras.  Ricky is nice to have around and has been helpful and relatively low maintenance, but I'd almost forgotten what it feels like to be "us," and it feels good.

This morning dawned dark and c-c-cold as nearly all nasty winter mornings do, but we managed to find light and warmth by helping out with the Empty Stocking Fund.  It was incredibly rewarding to see several of my former 8th graders involved in serving our community.  I stand by my Mission Unstoppable premise that young people can change the world and do anything they set their minds to do - good OR bad.  It's up to us to give them opportunities to serve.  I plan to come up with some kind of project for the Spring in which my Champions will learn what it feels like to give back.

Chelcie, Sam, Tom, and I assisted recipients choose gifts for their children - one age-appropriate toy per child, one "miscellaneous" item and a book per child.  The event was extremely well organized and I was impressed with the order and "festive" feel of the morning.  I couldn't help but keep an eye out for my students and especially Jack.  I'm sure many of their family members were there.

Afterward, we enjoyed a late breakfast at Panera Bread with steaming, creamy cups of hot chocolate and cinnamon crunch bagels.  It's hard to even imagine what it would be like to never sink my teeth into such a special treat.

I'd be failing myself if I did not mention the fantastic meeting I had yesterday with my new friends at the United Way.  It was an absolute pleasure to meet Marie Alcorn, the Director of Community Relations for the United Way - such a genuine and gracious lady!  I hope we can work together to bring our Reach Them dream a little closer to reality in the near future.

My life is incredibly blessed.  On this Christmas Eve Eve, I pause to thank God and reflect on the wonder of Christmas.

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