Friday, December 17, 2010

Pictures of the Week

Drew is HOME!  YAY!!!!!

Colton made me an ornament for my tree.  A treasure forever!

Brittany's "Super Yummy" treat bowl!

Somebody's been stealing our birdseed!  Gotcha!

THIS is why I do NOT LIKE winter!!!!!  ANOTHER dreary, gray, cold day.  How many days 'til Spring Break?

Drew and Chelcie came to visit our Locker Room - Does it get any better than this?!

Special Rudolph cupcakes to enjoy together

Don't hate her because she's bee-you-tea-full (and so, so funny)!

My one specialty - M&M cookies!  I eat 'em by the pan-ful!

The cute one in the Nicaraguan t-shirt with braids is mine, all mine! 

It's nothin' but Ice, Ice, Baby!  Sunday night on Morrell Road by the mall.
Chelcie's "Cupcake Sandwich"

She samples her creation.

I think she got cupcake up her nose.
Chelcie teaches me how to create a "Cupcake Sandwich."  She's quite the culinary genius!

This is how my son prepares to take his shower.  You just never know when you need to swim around in the shower looking for pennies.

Sam takes a shower (with his goggles on)!

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