Thursday, January 6, 2011

Missing Part II

As this day winds down, I am so grateful that I didn't miss this email from Sam's PE teacher.  It speaks for itself.  Thank you, Lord again and some more!!!

Hi Amy !

It's Roie Talley from Lotts !  I just wanted to send you a little note to say what a fine young man Sam is !  He has ALWAYS been a perfect gentleman, a great kid, and a friendly & kind boy.....but today he really shined !!!!

We were playing a game in PE and at one point during the game, both Sam and another boy on his team had a goal scored against them that I didn't notice.  They both came up to me and admitted that the goal was scored on THEIR team, not the other team, knowing that this goal would put their team behind.  HOW'S THAT FOR HONESTY !!???!!??

I was SO proud of the 2 of them that I stopped the game & let the other children know that these boys were a wonderful example to follow.  We rewarded them with a little sticker, and WOW it really snowballed.  The other kids started playing fair & being totally honest....a teacher's dream-come-true!

When he gets home, please give him an extra hug, and one from me too !  We are so proud of him.  You & your husband have really raised some great kids!!!!  Keep up the good work !

Hope this made your day, as Sam made mine !

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