Monday, January 3, 2011

Goal Setting vs. Resolutions

I hate failure.  I detest the feeling that I could have, but didn't.  For this reason, I've determined NOT to set resolutions, but rather goals.  Goals are targets.  Things you shoot for-just ask Addie, my little soccer star.  I will set my 2011 goals in the following areas, and I challenge you set some too.  Care to share?

1. spiritual- This can include spending some time in reflective thought, getting involved in a church or Life group, praying, talking to your family about what they believe, etc.
In 2011, I'm going to feed my soul as well as my body.  You'll find me at NorthStar Church on Sunday mornings.  I'll get ready for school by listening (and singing LOUDLY) to some praise music on my way out to the Locker Room, and I'll dig deeper into the "treasure book" that God sent for me. 

2. personal- This can be anything that YOU want to improve about you. Do you want to have more friends? Do you want to get involved in our community? What do you need to do to make that happen?
I want to be bolder.  To fear-LESS.  To chase lions.  To "go for it!" I want to be used up completely in my pursuit of my Savior and I want my "self" to become less and less each and every day. 

3. physical-How do you want to improve or maintain your health? Exercise and diet are obvious areas, but what about what you put into your mind?  Cut down on Cokes.  Walk as much as possible and run a little every now and then.  Keep an eye on that scale so my mid-40's body doesn't take on a life of its own (any more than it already has!)

4. professional- My job is to be an "effective teacher".  What is this exactly and how I can I work toward that end?  Be a student first, a teacher second.  Learn my subject(s) well.  Don't hold back.  If I see a need, don't hesitate, use what I have to meet that need and DO NOT BE LAZY!

5. intellectual- How can you improve your mind? What kinds of things interest you? How can you feed your mind? Read novels, poetry, articles, etc.  Listen to good stuff - podcasts, lectures, sermons, music...Watch.  Pay attention. 

6. relational- Do you want to keep in touch with friends more often?  Do you want to get to know them better? How can you improve your relationships with other people in your life?  Give the best of myself to those that matter most.  Don't put family on the back burner to chase a dream.  Keep family first and trust God to multiply the hours in my day to be more productive in less time.

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