Monday, January 3, 2011

Say, "Cheeeeesy Pictures!"

This is what happens when you don't use a flash...Dollywood on Wednesday, Dec. 29 with the Keeners!  Brrrrrr!

The Boy Crawfords went to Nashville for The Game.  Love that Sam is wearing his new PJ pants.

Yeah, it's the highlight of my New Year's Eve - A fresh, new, 8 lb. bag of the "good stuff!"

Sam and I are working our way through Book 1 - This is my "Oops! I almost forgot to take my 1st picture of the New Year" picture.  Thanks Addie!

NorthStar Church - January 2, 2011 - The "Bubble" Church

Chelcie, Addie, and I walked/ran (sorta) Lakeshore on Monday, followed by a reward trip to Long's.

Drew and Daddy put up the tire swing.  Sam has a new reading spot.  Just wish it was warmer-Brrrr!
I've committed to taking 365 pictures this year.  A MINIMUM of one picture per day.  No set guidelines.  Just a visual documentation of the day.  Rather than post one picture every day, I'll group them.  Some of them will likely be attempts at creativity.  Others will be attempts at keeping my commitment.  I hope that some of them will capture the "essence" of the day or serve as a sort of time capsule.  Here are my Daily Pictures for December 30-January 3rd.  Say, "Cheeeeeeese!"

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