Wednesday, May 25, 2011


I was feeling blessed and my heart was full as I made my home from school today.  As usual, I made my way through the Sonic drive-thru for a large cup of ice, a bag of ice, and a small unsweetened tea.  Yeah, I know what's good and I'm freaky with my eccentric  habits!  Anyway, as I paid my $3 and something, I noticed that the total due from the car behind me was less the change had coming from my $5 bill, so I told the cashier that I'd like to pay for the person behind me as well.  Random acts of kindness do more for me than the person on the receiving end, so it was with selfish motives lest you think I'm "good" when I'm really not...

Then the cashier told me something that brought a smile to my face and filled my heart.  When I told her what I'd like do for the car behind me, she smiled and said, "That's great!  You know I was here one day when we had FIVE cars in row pay for each other's orders!"  I couldn't help thinking to myself what would happen if the world "Paid it Forward" a little more often, and "Paid Attention" a little more closely.  We've got to get our eyes off of ourselves and onto the lost and hurting people of this world! 

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