Monday, May 16, 2011

That Still, Small Voice...and a Pain the Heart

I'm way too far behind on my blog story to have any hope of ever catching things up to date, but this one simply can't wait.  I must do it (whoop! whoop!) now.  (The "whoop-whoop!" comes from a Ron Clark inspired technique to generate enthusiasm and student engagement every time they hear me say, "do it.."  But I digress...) 

Last week was fun, busy, action-packed, and exhausting!  Tuesday was spent at  the Smokies game in 80 degree heat with pounding sunshine and little breeze.  Wednesday was an ALL DAY trip to Wonderworks bringing us back to school at 6:30PM.  Thursday was Field Day, 2011- another hot and exhausting day in the pounding sunshine.  Friday we FINALLY completed all 14 research papers complete with covers, bibliographies, outlines, rough drafts, and final edits!  To say last week was busy would be putting it mildly!  By Friday afternoon, I was spent.  Totally.  I even posted on my Facebook page that I was too old for this stuff.  Never before had I so looked forward to a weekend with no kids just to catch my breath and recharge for the homestretch of our last full week of school.

Friday afternoon I stopped by West Valley to meet with my new principal, Mr. Nealy.  He was gracious enough to take me on a tour of the available 7th grade classrooms.  I chose a former Science room closest to the back door.  We had a nice chat, and I'm ready to get started.  Already dreaming about 7th grade lessons and 7th grade lives.  Tom and I took the kids to the movies with Chelcie and went to Brixx to enjoy a "date night."

By Saturday morning, I was thankful for a soccer-free weekend and looked forward to working on 7th grade plans, reading some books, and dreaming BIG on Reach Them to Teach Them ideas.  Then Chelcie sent me a text (cue Twilight Zone music). Here's the transcript of our message exchange:

Chelcie:  Are you taking any of your kids to gametime?
Me:  Don't think so.
Chelcie:  Why not?
Me:  No room in car.
Chelcie:  I have a car.
Me:  Who do you want to take?
Chelcie:  Whoever wants to go.
Chelcie:  No?
Me:  No what?
Chelcie:  No you aren't going to ask them!  Why wouldn't you??
Me:  Do you want to call them?
Chelcie:  Fine.  I will.  I literally don't understand why you won't.  This is such an opportunity.
Me:  I have addie, sam and taylor.  Room for one more.  I'll be happy to take someone.
Chelcie:  You know SO many people who would love to drive your kids.  Isn't doing things like this what reach them is supposed to be about?? I'm just really confused.  I thought you were planning on taking them.
Me:  Chelcie, I've been with them all week.  I need a break.
Chelcie:  Really.  Fine.
Me:  I'll try to call one or two.  You pick who.
Chelcie:  You know them best.
Me:  I asked amya.  Waiting to hear back from her.
Chelcie:  (Smiley face)
Me:  I've called charis, amya, and jalen.  No luck so far.
Chelcie:  Well at least you're trying
Me:  Are you going to drive?
Chelcie:  Yes I can/will
Me:  And lakirra...
Chelcie:  None of them can go?
Me:  Left msg for amya lakirra.  No go on charis and jalen.  Wanna call isaiah d.? His mom yelled at me the last time I spoke to her.
Chelcie:  Uhhhhhhh
Me:  Lakirra and amya are coming!
Chelcie:  Yayyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Me:  And you are a pain in the heart
Chelcie:  Sorry (smiley)

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