Monday, June 30, 2008

Dipped Cones, Taco Salad, and Swimming in the Lake!

Monday again already? I slept in until 8 and again missed my window of opportunity for an early morning walk. I actually cleaned house a little bit while Addie and Sam conquered Sam's disaster area, formerly known as his room. As an incentive for their diligence, I offered a trip to TCBY upon completion of their task. I retreated to the back deck with Book 4 of the Redemption series as soon as possible. I finished Book 4 today, now there's only one more left in the series and I must finish it as soon as possible so I can resume living my life.

When Tom came home from his office, he suggested we give the Tasty-Freeze another shot instead of TCBY, so we took him up on his offer. Check out the menu picture above. Notice anything UNusual about the sign? Here's a hint-It has to do with my previous blog and the prefix un-. :) We all enjoyed a dippED cone before the summer showers came through town again.

The other highlight from today was meeting the kids involved in the Ulster Project at the Slack's lakehouse. There was one kid who looked just like Paddy, our Irish lad from 2006. Drew and Dane went along for the ride (and to check out the Irish chicks), so it was good to spend a few precious minutes with them. By the time we got back home, Chelcie and Becca had made dinner for us. Tom had to leave to show a house, so he missed out on dinner. The girls treated us to a scrumptious taco salad. Chelcie, Becca, Addie, and I enjoyed eating outside on the patio. The boys kinda joined us by eating their dinner on the deck. Close enough to make me happy.

Matt stopped by this afternoon to jump on the trampoline with Sam. He's a nice boy who needs to find a friend. Actually, I believe he has found a friend in Sam.

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