Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Life Returns to Normal(?)

Chelcie and I had the opportunity to spend some quality time together Sunday afternoon. We went to Panera (my west office) to work on her sorority application. Talk about uncharted waters! We have managed to round up several friends and friends of friends who have agreed to write "recs" for Chelcie as she plans to go through Rush at UT this fall. I confess to being more than a little intimidated by the prospect of it all, but her life is in God's hands and He knows the plans He has for her. If His plans involve being in a sorority, so be it. I just don't want to get in His way.

Monday morning, Sherry and I walked to Weigles at 7 because Nathan had a doctor's appointment at 10. When we got back to house, Tom was loading the kids in the car for a soccer camp at St. John Newman Catholic School, so I jumped in and went along. Turns out, the kids had a ball, and even learned some new "moves" to use on the field this fall. Addie's friend, Vanessa, and her little brother, Spencer, are participating too, so that took the edge off of trying something new. I picked them up at 12, then drove thru Chick-fil-a before dropping Sam off at home and taking Addie to the dentist at 1:00. NO CAVITIES for Addie! The rest of the afternoon was spent reading those dog-gone Karen Kingsbury/Gary Smalley books that Katie and Lori have recommended. I'm addicted! Late Monday afternoon, Addie, Sam, Tom, and I headed downtown for an Ulster Project meeting. Actually, Tom had the meeting, we were just going to hang out at the Mast General Store for a while. As it turned out, we opted for dinner on Market Square at Oodles (yum!), while the kids played in the fountains and got not-surprisingly drenched! We drove up to the church in which the Ulster Project meeting was already in progress. Addie and Sam immediately proceeded to make much noise and cause a major distraction, so out the door I headed with the two of them in tow. We strolled down Gay Street and enjoyed the beautiful evening while Tom stayed behind at the meeting. We window shopped at the Mast (It closes at 6 on Monday nights!), and I showed the kids the majestic Tennessee Theatre where Reach Them to Teach Them was held last year and will be held again this year. Addie couldn't believe her eyes! I know the feeling... We people-watched and chatted about nothing in particular and I was struck by the simplicity of the moment. Next time I'm looking for something to do, a stroll down Gay Street is a good option.

Before long, we headed back to the church to pick up Tom and head west toward home. Tom needed to drop some real estate papers by someone's house in LakeRidge, so we stopped by the Lindley's to swap howdies and stay true to our "redneck" reputation of dropping in on our friends without so much as a phone call. Meda was in her pajamas and John was shirtless, but both were gracious and invited us in for a short chat. It was good to talk with our WestLake friends again since it's been quite a while since we've caught up with them. Shh! Don't tell anybody, but they've been known to partake of an occasional margarita too, so we hope to enjoy an outside patio and a frozen adult beverage in the near future. For the record, the best margarita mix on the planet is "Fat Mama's Knock Ya Nekkid" margarita mix available from the Sweet Potato Queens website. I believe without it, Sam would not exist today, so be warned, it's powerful stuff.

By the time we got back home, we were all too tired for words, so we just crashed where we landed. The kids made it to their beds, Tom on the couch, and I got to sleep diagonally on my
bed for a change. Drew and Chelcie cruised in from their respective hang-outs prior to my coma, so I know that all the baby birds were accounted for tonight.

Soccer Camp again Tuesday morning for Addie and Sam while I had a meeting with Eddie Speeks at 10:00. Turns out to have been a great meeting with lots of good ideas for maximizing our video message via our website. I missed having our techno-guru, Ed, there with me to bounce ideas off of, but Eddie and I got off to a good start. Funny, met another guy named Ed while I was there who gave me the name of a new assistant principal who might be interested in sharing the message of Reach Them to Teach Them. It amazes me how helpful people want to be when they hear about our mission. Just this afternoon a young man named Ryan Hayes stopped by the house to ask for our support in his race for State Representative. When I shared the mission of Reach Them to Teach Them, he gave me his cell phone number and pledged his support in whatever way he might be helpful.

After my meeting with Eddie, I had about an hour and half to kill before my Mentoring Institute meeting at 1:00, so I stopped by Panera (my office on the strip) to grab a bite to eat and check email. I saw Noelle Harb who is headed to UNC-Chapel Hill. I read a little passage from the book of I Samuel about David and Goliath. I can certainly relate. God looks at the heart.

The Mentoring Institute meeting was long and at times frustrating. Too many ladies, no men. I was caught off guard when they mentioned having a fashion show at the Institute. Ummm, how does that fit into our mission statement? Jewelry? Women drive me crazy sometimes and I can say that 'cause I am one, but I have no interest in a fashion show when I have a family at home. I'd much rather be with them than watching a fashion show! Ugh! Also, I have to write another skit... Call me Stephen Speilberg. This could be the start of something big...not!

After the meeting, I headed home in time for Tom to head out the door to open a house for someone in Gibbs. Sherry and I are walking to Moe's tonight for dinner and our families will meet us there with the cars. Sam got to spend the afternoon playing with Evan at his house, and Addie and Taylor went swimming with Chelcie at Mimi's house. Drew went for a run this afternoon, so all is good here on the home front for now.

UT Orientation with Chelcie tomorrow and Thursday. Oh yeah, Tom and Drew have a new friend in the neighborhood.

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