Sunday, May 3, 2009

April? April? Where for art thou, April?

Okay, so I missed a month. So much happened I don't even know where to begin. April was a month of soccer, TCAP testing, working on my Teacher of the Year application, keeping my 8th graders focused and engaged in the learning process...

Easter services at NorthStar with "Cardboard Testimonies" followed by a Calhoun's catered lunch at Lori's house. The kids had a ball hiding eggs and playing with their cousins.

Reach Them continues to progress, but we lost our Chick-fil-A sponsorship and that hurt, but Dean stepped up and pledged his support. We're in the process of working with Cathy Ackermann to enlist their connections and expertise in the marketing dept. I hope this works out as I believe it will enable us to expedite the process of going to the "next level." With Chattanooga in the works, I'd like to get an action plan on paper as soon as possible!

Anderson resigned from our Board, and seems to be pulling out of her life and reinventing herself. I think this is sad b/c she was such an asset to our team. Without her, there's an empty space.

Drew is preparing for graduation. He had his first (I hope) run-in with "the law" last week at West Valley. I think he was embarrassed and scared. Fortunately, he already knew that he'd made a mistake and did what he could to make it right. I'm so proud of that boy! I wish I could find a way to let him know.

Tom has made plans to go to Guatemala on a mission trip the first week in June. Chelcie is headed to Nicaragua and later in the summer, to Oregon. Sam is attending Camp Invention at Lotts and the two younger kids are both attending the UT soccer camp. Sounds like an expensive summer and it stresses me to no end! With Drew and Chelcie in college now, I want to prioritize our finances and take care of the "have to's" before we take care of the "want to's." I'll try to post some April pix in light of my neglectful blog posts.

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