Sunday, May 3, 2009

May Day! May Day!

Well, May is certainly starting out to be a month to remember! Last Thursday, Chelcie and I had the pleasure of chaperoning Addie's class field trip to the zoo! We had a great little group of girls! Rana, Addie, Ashton, Reagan, and Kelsey were in our group along with Rana's mom and dad and Ashton's mom. The weather was perfect as it was cloudy, but not rainy. Cool, but not too cool. We had a wonderful time. The highlight of the trip was meeting "George," the new baby gorilla!

Friday was Science Festival Day and all went well in spite of the downpour of rain that caused us to move everything inside instead of out. I always enjoy watching our school come together in the effort to reach our kids.

Saturday was spent at the soccer field in the rain! I'm sad that I don't have any pictures to document exactly how drenched we were because I was afraid my camera would break! Girl Power lost to a boys' team, but soundly beat the girls' team they played later in the day. Addie, Sam, Chelcie and I also watched "Radio" and cuddled on the couch. Tom and I had our usual "date night" at LaPaz then we browsed the bookstore while Ed kept the kids entertained at his house.

Sunday morning. More rain. This is getting old. Addie spent the night with Olivia at Ed's so she went to church at 11, but we headed out the door for the early service. Tom had to show houses all day, so the rest of us stayed home and cleaned house...sorta.

The BIG NEWS of the day was the announcement that a 15 year old student at West Valley was the first suspected patient with the H1N1 virus (Swine flu). It's been all over the news and people seem to be over-reacting in a huge way! Our superintendent canceled school for the entire week! No NJHS Induction Ceremony or 8th grade celebration! We'll have to see if these activities get rescheduled. Lots of money, time, and effort has been put into these last few weeks of school. It's a weird feeling to have a national news story about "us."

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