Sunday, May 10, 2009

Brain Freeze!

I can't think of a clever title for this smorgasbord post. The best I can do is add some pictures and hopefully, the story will speak for itself.

Today was Mother's Day and the kids "did good!" Sam's picture is absolutely precious! Addie drew a portrait for me and explained the dark hair by informing me that Mrs. Savage made them outline everything in black.

Last week was great! I didn't get sick so I took full advantage of my week off. I had lunch at Seasons with Dean (and Tom), breakfast with Erica at Websters, lunch with Suzanne, lunch with Tom, and breakfast with Melissa Wells and Sherry Storms. Yeah, I went a little overboard on the eating out last week, but I enjoyed it.

The rain as been unbelievable! It rained every single day last week. Torrential downpour is a more accurage description! Last Tuesday, I performed our "Oh! The Places You'll Go!" commercial for the Lead Mentor meeting and I think it was well received! Rodney Russell stole the show as the "Cat in the Hat!" So much fun to part of a team that has a sense of humor.

I wrote a speech for the New Teacher Celebration for this Tuesday and am praying that it goes well. I'm battling with myself right now on whether I should just read it, or if I should try to use an outline and speak from the heart. Yeah, I know, I should speak from the heart, but I'm afraid I'll forget something and being that it's one of my first times speaking on a professional level, I want it to be great! I'll post the speech and the Mentoring commercial here so I'll have a record of it. Feel free to comment if you happen to read this.

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