Thursday, April 17, 2008

An A-B Day! "Absolutely Beautiful!"

WOW! What a wonderful day! "This is the day the Lord has made. Let us rejoice and be glad in it!" Today was a day for realigning priorities, bonding with my children, breathing in the fresh springtime air, and noticing the little things!

After a very rough and stressful day yesterday, I was thrilled to take today off from school to chaperone Sam's class trip to the zoo. Prior to meeting Sam at the zoo, I enjoyed a leisuring breakfast with Martha Riordan at Panera Bread. We talked a lot of Reach Them to Teach Them, our kids, and how interesting life can be. After that, I had the privilege of escorting three of the most handsome and smart boys on the planet! Mason, Jacob W., and Sam were absolutely delightful to hang out with today. We even got to spend some time with Katie, Lauren, and Ben! I can't imagine an investment that could possibly have greater returns than the way I spent my day today. God is constantly reminding me that He is enough. He is in control. He guides my steps. He orders my days. I am the one who forgets-not Him! He certainly poured out His blessing on me today.

After the zoo, Sam, Lauren, and I headed by Grandmom's house to "help" get ready for the big garage sale tomorrow. Then we scooted out to meet Chelcie at Jason's Deli for an update on how "the talk" with the Statistics teacher went today. It went great, thankfully! It looks like Chelcie is going to get to skip the final, and cruise out of the "Dawg House" and onto the campus of the University of Tennessee!

After our little mother-daughter chat, I headed to Lotts to pick up Addie and her buddy, Olivia. Everyone got along famously today! We played outside and delivered more "stuff" to THE garage sale. It's Papaw's 67th birthday today and he didn't look a day over 65!

Once Olivia's mom picked her up, Sam, Addie, and I loaded up in the car again to head to Addie's soccer practice. On the way, I listened to a CD of Dr. Don Bartlette that arrived in the mail today and was reassured that he is God's man for our October event. What a message this man has about the power of one person to make an eternal difference in the life of another.

My hero and role model, Sherry Storms and I took a few laps around the park and shared our ideas about what it means to really TEACH kids. I knew God had sent her to encourage me and remind me that what He has called me to do cannot be changed by educational trends and politics. What a blessing!

Home for showers, quick dinner, and bedtime prayers. This day was one of the BEST!

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