Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Wednesday Was Wonderful!

Finally! Wednesday was a relatively calm(?) day! Here's how Wednesday went. The day started out sunny, but oh, so cold! It's the last day of April and the temps are in the 30's! Brrrr! Sam has had the Measurement Tool Kit at home for almost a week and we have not had time to complete the measurement box challenge yet! Fortunately, Mrs. Wells is a kind and understanding woman who has been there, done that and understands the drama that surrounds my life with two teenagers, two elementary aged kids, one very high-maintenance hubby, a full-time paid job, a full-time passion, and a dog! Bless that woman! I'm already missing her and the year's not quite over yet. Anyway, I scribbled out a quick note of apology for my delay in measuring with my son, and vowed to get 'er done this afternoon. Tom took the kids to school because the Saab is not out of recovery yet. He hauled me and my stuff to school and I began my day as "teacher."

The kids at school are being really good. They've been reading novels and working in small groups. I've been proud of the way they've risen to the occasion and function independently. National Junior Honor Society has been hanging over my head because this is the first year I've sponsored the club without Alicia Davis-Clark telling me what to do. It'll all get done though, and like my friend Sherry tells me, and if it doesn't, life will go on anyway. After school, Chelcie, Sam, and Addie paid me a visit and Chelcie led a few of my girls in a "Dateable" book study. They look up to her and think she's so cool! I am proud of her for investing her life in other people and helping them grow!

Chelcie gave me a ride home and she and I enjoyed a tour through the BHS yearbook before getting a spaghetti dinner together for the family! Everyone ate a the table except Drew who had Koko's delivered via Andrew, but at least he was home, and we were together. Taylor joined us for dinner, but she's like one of the family to us anyway.

Mission accomplished! Sam and I finally tackled the Measurement Box! We measured a doll, a foot, a guitar, a banana, and a pencil. Sam is an excellent estimator! Bring on the gumball machines! My boy is good!

Sam said something funny tonight when he was getting ready for bed. He said that his friend Jacob told him that girls were called, "Dudettes." "No they're not!" Sam told him, "a dudette is a musical note." It took me a minute, but I think Sam was thinking of "Duet!" I found his comment quite amusing!

Chelcie is working on her high school graduation invitations, Drew is diligently working on a Science project, Addie and Sam are sleeping peacefully in their respective beds, and Tom has gone to recycle the plastics! What a tree-hugger, huh? Tom worked hard today and we now have a bright and shiny new mailbox to replace the old one that was taken out by our neighborhood drunk last weekend.

Tomorrow's the first day of May. Gotta remember to yell, "Rabbit! Rabbit!" before getting out of bed, so I'll have good luck for the entire month. If you're reading this, you should try it too. A very old lady told me to do that and crawl out the foot of my bed, rather than roll out the side and I would be amazed. It only works on the first day of a new month though, so I must not forget! She said you can't get out of bed, remember, then jump back in to do it again. You have to get it right the first time. Oh, the pressure! Time to edit Drew's paper. Yay! He needs me! Until next time...

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