Sunday, April 20, 2008

Told ya' I'm a Slacker!

Yes, I know it's been three days since my last post. I KNEW this would happen! To my credit though, I think about what's going on in my life now and before my "blog phase" I just kinda let life roll right on by me. I'm hoping to inspire my students to try their hand at blogging too. Maybe they'll read about my life and be encouraged that their lives are pretty exciting afterall! :)

Here's a brief recap: Friday started off wonderful! After my much-needed day off last Thursday, I was ready to get back on the saddle and ride into my classroom with renewed energy, passion, and perspective! I had breakfast at Panera with a handful of my bestest friends at West Valley; Suzanne, Lisa, Phil, Sherry, and Nancy. Scotty was a no-show, but we'll stay on his case until he breaks down and joins us. Hopefully, April will be able to pull up a chair too. I'd love for my whole team to bond together as I think this will probably be our last year together.

The day at school was fantastic too. I took all five of my classes outside to read and enjoy the fresh air and sunshine. It bothers me that kids don't get outside as much anymore. God's creation is a wonderful teacher, and all we have to do is immerse ourselves in it. We did have a slight problem when some 7th grade boys rolled an old tire down the hill at some of my kids who were reading. Thankfully, Mrs. Humphress dealt with them! :)

Sam had a soccer game after school. He is a superstar on his team. He had many, many sensational blocks, and even managed to score a goal or two. "Jacob" is the enforcer on his team, though, and Sam's a wee bit intimidated by the great and powerful Jacob-a-nator! We headed to Moe's after the game with the kids and our "adopted" family - Ed and Olivia. Afterwards, the big boys headed out to Farragut with the kids for a little soccer. Sadly, Bearden fell to Farragut this time.

Saturday morning dawned cold and wet, but Addie's game was on schedule anyway for 8:00. All the kids had a great time stomping in the wet mud and getting drenched! Addie scored one of her team's two goals and has been asked to play on a competitive team with her fellow "weapon" Vanessa! Coach Blake will led the charge!

Sam had his first "official" job today as a marketing research company paid him in toys for his opinions about commercials, movies and toys. He did great and walked away with a new Batman Hotwheels track!

Lots of family bonding happened at Grandmom's garage sale this weekend. Tom and Papaw went to UT to watch Drew run (5:02) but conditions were atrocious! Ed and Olivia, Scotty, Joy, and the kids, and many neighbors stopped by to chat, laugh, and haul away our junk. We made a whopping $92! Enough to pay for Chelcie's new prom shoes, dinner at the Pizza Kitchen (with Becca Jones), and...well, I guess that's all it paid for! The memories were priceless however!

We intruded on the Farragut Prom Beauties before they headed out on the town for their senior prom! Delaney looked gorgeous, as usual. And Jamie, despite her momentary melt-down, was a knock-out as well! Chelcie has next weekend to look forward to as the much anticipated "Senior Prom" finally arrives!

Sunday was a rather lazy day. Early church. Lunch at Jason's Deli, and car wash duty. Taylor joined us for all as Addie spent the night with her last night. Tom is working today and the kids are Ed and Olivia's. Guess I'd better go rescue him, or maybe them!

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