Friday, April 25, 2008

We Could Pway About It, Mom

Spring has most definitely sprung this week in K-town! It's actually nice to be outside and SWEAT for a change! (I know I'll regret that statement in August, but for now, it's great!) I actually set a record at school on Thursday. I was part of a meeting that lasted almost a whopping 5 and a half HOURS!! From 9:30-2:45! Since I missed lunch, Ms. Finley said I could take the rest of the day off, so I called Chelcie and met her and Addie at Jason's for a taco salad and ice cream. A very special treat to spend a few unexpected moments with my girls.

The past two days have been beautiful and busy. Drew and Tom were at UT for another track meet yesterday and, I am SO PROUD to say that Drew set his personal record for the mile with an incredible time of 4 minutes and 55 seconds! He's amazing! While Drew was racing around the track, I had Addie and Sam at the soccer field for Addie's practice. We experienced high drama when Sam discovered that some "thief" had stolen his notebook full of Pokemon cards! Well, I spotted the little culprit right off (teacher radar), but didn't catch him red-handed. I took the ol' kill 'em with kindness approach and asked him if he'd "seen" a notebook around anywhere. Would you believe the shifty-eyed little delinquent mumbled a "no" without making eye contact with my bright smiling face. That did it for me. It was all I could do not to turn him upside down and shake the sillies right outta him...but I resisted. As Sam cried in my lap, I desperately tried to console him by telling him that maybe when whoever took his notebook showed it to his mom, she would make him bring it back because it didn't belong to him. My attempt didn't work. Sam just looked up with his tear-filled blue eyes and asked, "What if his mom steals too?" Stifling a belly laugh, I thought "Then that would explain why her son is a thief as well!" Out of options, I asked Sam to be a good problem solver. "What can we do to fix this problem, Sam?" To my delight and surprise, Sam said, "We could pway about it, Mom." So that's what we did right there on our blanket at the soccer field. And would you believe that the God who placed the stars in the sky and formed the world with his own hands, smiled down on a six year old boy and his mom sweating on a blanket in the sun? Miraculously, the notebook full of Pokemon cards appeared in the parking lot as we were packing up to leave the field. What a lesson for my son. What a lesson for me. What an awesome God we serve! His words ring in my ears right now, "We could pway about it, Mom."

Friday morning was wonderful, as usual. Starting the day with my West Valley brother and sisters truly makes my day. My good friend, Suzanne, brought tears to my eyes when she shared her thoughts about Mary Magdelene at Jesus' tomb. I can't wait to hear Jesus Christ speak my name out loud. Can you even imagine?!

Got a quick break for a meeting with Dan Myers of Knoxville Leadership Foundation, Anderson, and Ed at Panera to finalize our fiscal agent agreement, so Reach Them to Teach Them is officially "adopted" by KLF.

The day at school passed quickly as it was "Free Choice Friday," and everyone read books of their choosing. My friend loaned me a great book entitled, "Unhindered" to read in class today and I must say I found it enlightening. I guess my friends know me better than I think they do. Sam got a haircut today! He and Chelcie stopped by school today to share Chelcie's 2008 Bearden High School yearbook!
After school it was rush, rush, rush to buy birthday gifts for the two birthday parties Addie has this weekend. Sam was invited to spend the night with his BFF from his class, Evan (see earlier blogs for cute pictures of Evan). Addie headed to Taylor's for a slumber party. Drew is off skateboarding with Andrew and Chelcie's here with me. We're off to meet Tom at the Toyota dealership to keep the economy going...if we have anything left over, we may grab a bite to eat 'cause Chelcie is "starving!" Prom is'll require a page or two all to itself. We'll see if I get Drew to pose in his tux. Could be scary! Must be documented!

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