Saturday, April 26, 2008

PROMinently PROM

My, my, my! What a PROMising day this was. This may be a two postings kinda day. We'll see how compact I can make it. Picking up with Friday...Sam and Addie were out on the town last night with Evan and Taylor respectively, so I was really hoping for a date night. No such luck for me. Chelcie and I met Tom at the Toyota dealership after an oil change and brake job on the Camry. Since none of us made a decision regarding dinner plans (We're a stubborn bunch!), Chelcie headed to Becca's and Tom and I headed home. He busied himself in the garage, attempting to organize my "collection" of school stuff and various items that never made it into the house. I chose to watch a Ken Davis DVD in the hopes that Ken would be able to make me laugh. No such luck tonight (remember the stubborn part?). Our neighbor, Matthew, came knocking on the door about 10 o'clock informing us that someone had "taken out" our mailbox. Well, there's nothing like a little neighborhood drama to assist in making new friends, so down the driveway Tom and I headed. Me, shoeless, ouch! ouch! ouching! most of the way down. Shore 'nuff - the mailbox was blown out of the ground and the wooden stake that had held it was a splintered stump! Poor drunk that hit it must have done a number on his car, but he just kept on going. Not being one to keep all the fun to myself, I limped over the Harry and Betty's house with the hopes of adding a little more energy our late night distraction. They both came out and surveyed the damage. Come to find out, the guy drove right through their yard and up and over their manicured landscaping! Harry jumped in his truck to patrol the street in search of a drunk guy with Pansies protruding from the grill of his car, but he didn't have much luck and came back with no news to report. We all headed back to our respective houses with a tale to share the next day. Tom, Drew, and I watched "Juno." I cried through a lot of it just 'cause I felt like it, then headed to bed about 11:30.

Saturday morning was a sleep in kinda day, but so very quiet without the pitter patter of little clod-hoppers racing down the hall just prior to the pounce onto the bed. I enjoyed cat napping until about 9, then headed to shower to start on the "PROMising Day" ahead.

Dad and I met with Dave Gorden at Panera Bread. We enjoyed sharing dreams, stories, and plans for the future. We all know that God has big and special plans for our little Reach Them to Teach Them team. We're all excited about seeing what lies around the next corner. Dave is an incredibly talented, well-connected man who brings a lot of expertise and experience to our table. We are all blessed and grateful to have him plugged in on the front lines! He and Dad already have a "Band of Brothers" type bond. Warning-don't get stuck in an elevator with the two of 'em, or you'll come out with more stories of adventure than you knew existed!

From Panera, I headed home to pick up my prom princess and shuttle her over to "Miss Jill's" for a new "do" for the evening's festivities. Got a text message from Drew informing me that he was leaving without giving me the opportunity to snap a couple of pictures of him decked out in a tux! I put Papaw on picture duty for Drew and silently urged Miss Jill to wrap it up so we could at least catch a glimpse of Drew before he headed out of town (to Kingston) to pick up his date, Darian Todd. Miss Jill did a phenomenal job and Chelcie was thrilled with her "Prom-y hairstyle." From Jill's to Zuma to pick up Sam and Addie from Olivia Knowling's 5th birthday party. They had a lot of fun and left the party with blue stained teeth and lips from the Fun Dip and icing. Straight from Zuma to Cassie's house for the application of make-up courtesy of Taylor Scott, Chelcie's dedicated Young Life leader. Cece Campbell dropped off some goodies while we were there to be devoured by the sure-to-be-famished post-PROM crowd.

From Cassie's house, home to find Jamie, Allison, and Delaney "parked" on the couch patiently awaiting Chelcie's arrival. Chelcie ran in, then ran out to Kelli's for some special tape to hold those babies in! After a few moments of "there's absolutely NO way I can be ready in time!" panic, Trevor arrives and Chelcie is radiant. Ah, if only it were so easy for me.

We documented the momentous occasion in the driveway with the Farragut Support Network watching from the deck. Sam, Addie, and Buffet were right in the middle of the action however. Trevor was a trooper and endured the posing and pictures with good humor and a smile. There was a moment of panic however when Addie blurted out, "What's that stuff on your dress?" and Chelcie looked down only to find a very obvious white smudge across her black dress. Mom to the rescue with a damp dish towel and all was well in the world again.

Once Chelcie and Trevor had retreated to the sanctuary of his car and headed down the driveway, Tom, Addie, Sam, Grandmom, Papaw, and I followed them down to the University Gardens for yet another photo op with the foaming-at-the-mouth paparazzi of parents! Multitudes of pictures may be found of Chelcie's Facebook page, but I have no idea how to send you there. The pictures included here will have to suffice. Just know there are lots more where those came from! Lots more. A whole lot more. Trust me.

With much prodding and reminding, and last minute clicks of cameras, all the photogs made way to their cars and headed for home. The Crawfords, however, had other plans. We raced down to the other side of town to sabotage Drew while he enjoyed his pre-prom meal at Seasons Cafe (best restaurant in town, by the way). Thankfully, he indulged me, albeit reluctantly, and with a multiple sacastic remarks made under his breath which I blissfully pretended not to hear, by posing for a few pictures before heading off the prom. That's my boy!

After a necessary reminder phone call from Subway, we loaded up in the car AGAIN, and headed out to pick up our 6' long party sub for the Lewis' shindig. This thing was HUGE! We had to wedge it into the car diagonally, just to make it fit! Sam and I got the raw end of the deal 'cause we had the giant sub resting on our head and shoulders! Thankfully, we made the delivery without incident and the young bellies should be full post-prom later tonight.

At last, we had completed all of our P3 (pre-prom-parent) duties, and had a moment to indulge our appetites. Addie, Sam, Tom, and I enjoyed dinner for four at none other than Jason's Deli. Are we creatures of habit or what?

Home at last to deposit sleepy children in their beds and wait up for Drew as I catch my first "Prom Posting" up to date. Whew! What a day!

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