Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Say It Isn't So!

It's catch-up time again! Funny how quickly the days pass, and how the 24 hours I am given every day gets spent doing things that I will look back on and desperately miss. Just tonight, I was reading a bedtime story to Addie and Sam. As we talked about the illustrations in the book, I was fascinated by the vitality of their innocent imaginations. Sam talked about his "Go Dog Go" dog and said he planned to give him to his little boy when he becomes a daddy. Addie mentioned how much she enjoys playing with Webkinz now, but guessed that someday she wouldn't like them anymore. It makes me kinda sad, but serves to remind me to cherish the moments. Writing this blog has really helped me notice the people who are special to me, places we like to go, and things we enjoy doing together. In spite of the difficulties life brings, I know that I will never, ever be matter what! Even when I am physically alone, my God is always with me. He promises He will never leave me or forsake me. Whom shall I fear?

Monday was a typical Monday at school with the exception of morning bus duty in the cafeteria. Yes, I know you're jealous just reading about it, right? It's actually not too bad and I've enjoyed a scrumpcious sausage biscuit every morning this week, so far! Tom and Crawford Part 2 picked me up at school and we headed off to a Mexican restaurant to cash in our gift certificate from the Ulster dinner. The meal was yummy, but I confess to a slight craving for a frosty margarita. Rest assured, I did not indulge my craving, but the temptation was there nonetheless. From dinner to watch our "Dawgs" get sent to the dawghouse but those pesky Admirals. One thing that really bothered me about the game was that the Farragut fans booed Dawson Halliday. It was an embarrassing display of poor sportsmanship, and as an Admiral alum, I was disappointed.

Tuesday's highlight was a double header soccer game with Sam playing on the field right next to Addie. The weather was perfect for taking in the miracle of healthy kids running the field and jumping around celebrating the moment. After the game, Chelcie and Delaney met me and the kids plus Ed and Olivia at Moe's. I asked one of the owners if he thought Moe's might be interested in sponsoring teachers to attend Reach Them '08, and he said they would! Another BIG highlight was celebrating the 97% my brilliant daughter, Chelcie made on her statistics test! While I'm thinking about Chelcie, I should mention that Trevor's mom, Anne, paid my an impromtu visit today to share the details of the "Senior Prom Corsage." We enjoyed talking about our "babies" heading off to UT this fall, Greek life, and the "old" days back when WE were in I REALLY at this stage?! Since I'm showing my age in this blog, I just HAVE to mention spending $40 on gas today and my Jetta STILL wasn't filled up! In MY DAY...Wait! This IS my day, and I'm not finished with it yet.

Wednesday was yet another gorgeous day, but sadly, I had to spend most of it inside in my affectionately nicknamed "Cave" at West Valley Middle School. Just looking out the window makes me itch to breathe fresh air. I planned a lap or two around the track during my plan time, but it just didn't happen. Papers to grade, meetings to attend, emails to answer and the like! This day job is getting in the way of my life! I heard someone say we have 22.5 more days of school, so again, I remind myself to cherish the moments and not wish away my life.

My good friend Emily Fendley's bridal shower was held at school today. Lisa and I represented our team and enjoyed strawberry cake and punch, as we basked in the glow of a young woman in love with so much ahead of her! I wanted to whisper into Emily's ear to savor every minute and don't waste a second of it, because life will pass quickly. I sound like an old woman, don't I? Well, maybe I am - I mean, what's next for me? Ummm, becoming a grandmother? On that note, I think it's time for me to wrap it up before I get tears on my keyboard! Of course they'd all be tears of joy! Wait! One more moment to record- after school, Addie, Sam, and I met Anderson and Ed at Chick-fil-A to plan our Friday meeting with KLF. If you're reading this blog, please pray that all goes according to God's plan and that we do not get in His way.

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