Friday, May 2, 2008

How Many Days 'Til Summer?

Thursday's highlight was Addie's soccer practice. She's doing so well! I hope you can see the determination on her face!

Friday was the best day of the week, as usual! The morning started with Panera Bread and time spent with wonderful friends who love kids and love the Lord, NOT in that order! The school day passed quickly and fortunately, for this time of year, uneventfully. After school, Sam had a soccer game, so Sam and I got a head start on Addie and Daddy so we can drive thru Sonic for some ice, ice, Baby!

Sam played with fire and determination, with a few karate kicks mixed in for good measure. It was tough on Tom keeping the boys from getting too rowdy on the field tonight. After the game, Addie, Sam, and I joined the 8th grade graduation celebration already in progress!

The kids had a blast! They enjoyed sno-cones, popcorn, pizza, chicken nuggets, and cookies! Cheyenne and Brittany agreed to babysit for me, so I hid out in the "Volunteer Room" and chatted with Mrs. Storms and the mommas for a while. I think the 8th graders enjoyed their special night and the volunteers were pleased with a job well-done!

Donna Mallicote shared a special story with me about the adoption of her baby girl. A few years back, Donna lost a baby. While she was in the hospital, a woman came into her room and opened her curtains. The only thing Donna remembers her saying was, "A double rainbow! How beautiful!" At the time, all Donna wanted was to be left alone. Well, when it came time to adopt her baby girl from China, she was filled with apprehension and uncertainty. "Is this the right thing to do?" "Is this the right child for me?" All Donna's doubts and questons were answered when a lady said to her these words, "Her Chinese given name means 'Rainbow." How beautiful!" Amazing story that brought me to tears to hear her tell it, knowing how much she loves that little 3 year old girl! Another one of God's very special blessings!

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