Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Kindergarten Fun Day, Soccer, and School (for some of us anyway)!

God is teaching me, molding me, making me into the woman He needs me to be. I'm learning to trust Him. I'm finding Him in unexpected places and when He meets me where I am, it surprises me. Today I found myself wrapped in His love and provision for my needs.

Just this morning on the way to Lotts, late as usual, Sam and Addie munching on Oatmeal Creme Pies and Pop-Tarts (is that a nutritious breakfast?), Sam declares, "I forgot to wear my class t-shirt, and it's Fun Day today!" Now, you tell me, I thought to myself. "It'll be okay, Sam, you can just wear what you have on! I'll try to call Drew to see if he can bring it by on his way to school." Drew owes me one anyway because he accidentally slept in yesterday and didn't make it to school until 10:30! I'd never have known had it not been for Bearden High School leaving a message informing me of my son's unexcused absence yesterday! Anyway, I called Drew's cell phone in the hopes of catching him early enough, but he didn't answer his phone. Sam got out of the car with his head hanging low, obviously upset about not having his shirt, but understanding that I have to be at school and Daddy's out of town. Addie and Sam gave me my hugs and kisses and I told them to have a great day, but I knew that Sam's day had started off on the wrong foot.

As I made my way out of the congested Lotts parking lot heading to West Valley, I was struck by the realization that there is nowhere I have to be that is more important than being THERE for my son. I did a U-turn and headed for home to retrieve a little red shirt. After much searching, I finally found that little red Lotts t-shirt under a pile of dirty clothes in the laundry room. Fortunately, it was dry and the dirt was virtually invisible to the naked eye. (Drew was in the shower and never knew I was there)!

Back to the Lotts school zone to wait in the long, long line of cars. Amazingly, I had a peace that passes all understanding as I listened to my buddy, Hallerin, and thanked God for prompting my heart to think of Sam instead of myself. I called my reliable friend, Phil, and asked him to unlock my classroom door for me since I was going to be late for school today. He sounded irritated, but was willing to comply with my request. When I FINALLY found a parking place and made my way through the maze of knee-level kids and frantic parents in the colorful hallways at Lotts, I got a sneak peek of Sam in action when he didn't know I was there. All the kids in his class were decked out in their red shirts, and Sam, the odd-ball, was putting his library books in the library crate. You would not believe the cantaloupe smile that spread across his face when he saw me there with his shirt! He reached up with his sweet arms and hugged me so tightly he squeezed a tear or two from my eyes. "Have a wonderful day, Sam!" Just proof of God's incredible provision, I made it back to my car with 10 minutes to spare. I wasn't going to be late after all! To add a miracle on top of that, the "Emissions Workshop!" light in my car picked this moment to go out and fix itself! My car is running smoothly after having been touched by the Master's hand. Hard to believe that the God of the universe heals sick cars too!

I was on time for school, and Ms. Finley allowed me a "pass" to go back to Lotts for a few minutes during my plan time to visit Sam while he enjoyed his Fun Day! God taught me a valuable lesson today! I am abundantly blessed! We've got soccer this afternoon, so I'll update again soon! Thanks for bearing with me as I share my life in words and pictures.

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