Friday, May 9, 2008

Soccer, Baccalaureate, Soccer, Birthday, Soccer...Did I Mention Soccer?

Take a breath because the weekend was a whirlwind of activity! Ready? Here we go! Friday started off great with a cinnamon crunch bagel and unsweetened tea from Panera with my WVMS BFFs! We are growing attached to each other and it has really helped build a spirit of unity and "Team" for those of us who show up on Friday mornings. I know I'd go to bat for any of them if they should ever find themselves between a rock and a hard place!

The school day was busy, busy, busy, but oh, so much fun as we had Science Festival Day! I was assigned the duty of crushing cola cans all morning. I heated a can with just a small amount of water in the bottom until the water boiled and the can filled up with steam. Then, I turned the can over in a tub of water to cause the can to instantly crush itself. It was cool and I think the kids enjoyed it. We also did some team building activities outside. I led a ball toss game in which we formed a large circle, then called the name of the person to whom we were throwing the ball. We did this with several balls, then added in a plastic spider, a squishy ball, and a large plastic cockroach! Lunch was catered by BreadBox/Subway so that was yummy! I finally had plan time in the afternoon, so it was quite a day! Kudos to the WVMS Science teachers! They did a fabulous job!

After school, Tom and I loaded up Sam and Addie and headed out for Sam's soccer game. He looks SO CUTE out there on the field with his little shin guards and jersey! Fuddrucker's for dinner on the run, then to McKay's to drop off some of the books that were donated to my class for our book-raiser! I earned almost $200 worth of McKay's credit to restock my class library this fall. While we were there a HUGE thunderstorm rolled in complete with ice that resembled Sonic ice (yes, I WAS tempted to scoop it up and munch on it, but resisted!). The kids were scared, but it passed through pretty quickly, but not before knocking out power to a large section of Kingston Pike. The drive home was eerie without street lights and darkened store windows. How dependent we've become on electricity!

Finally, we arrived home to get the kids to bed. Tomorrow promises to be a busy day of soccer! Addie received her first birthday card from Grandma and Grandpa Crawford. They sent her $3 CASH for her to spend! I'm sure she'll put the cash to good use! Drew went to work on a job with Scotty and Chelcie spent the night with Sarah Hope.

7:45 at the soccer field for Addie's first game. Her team dominated, as usual, but the real test came at 11:00 when tournament time kicked in. The mighty "Girl Power" lost their first game, but Addie played great! They tied their second game against her former team "Poison Ivy." The girls grew in skill and confidence and Coach Blake was proud of them, as were all the 'rents! Relationships are forming and the girls are having fun-isn't that what being on a team is all about? The afternoon found Addie "addicted" to soccer! She must have played for over an hour in the side yard. Ed and Olivia came over to hang out and chase down the balls that were kicked over the goal and on the roof of the house accompanied by giggles and utterances of "Oops! I did it again!" Dinner Saturday night at Peerless, yum! yum! with our "young" friends, Erica and Noel. They are such a breath of fresh air! It's refreshing to be around them because they know how to enjoy being a family, and what a blessing it is to be together. Old age has jaded me a little bit and I tend to take too much for granted. Late night for the kids, but many laughs and smiles closed the day on a good note.

Sunday morning, Mothers' Day. No gift for mom, so Sam and I made an early run to Food City for cards and flowers. On to NorthStar, where Scott Cagle proceeded to wring me out emotionally yet again. Chelcie hugged me and whispered, "I don't want to go to college." I think she's a little scared of the next chapter of her life. Straight from church to the soccer field (I changed in the car!) for the next round of tournament games. Sadly, Girl Power lost a heartbreaker 4-5 to a team they should have beaten. Experience matters. Addie recevied the MVP patch from the opposing team for her gallant efforts on the field. Atta' girl!

We had to hand off Addie to Coach Blake and Jill, head home to change for the Baccalaureate service at Cedar Springs. Chelcie was looking all cute in her cap and gown. It's hitting me now that my baby is graduating from high school in just a few days! The service was wonderful! I sat with Sherri Thomson. Her son Hunter Lee Thomson is marrying a girl named Hunter Lee Thomas! Isn't that funny? I thought so...Hallerin spoke about the Love Boat and the fact that Love is the answer to everything. Well said HHH!

On to the Troutman's for a little tear-jerking video accompanied by a scrumptious meal! I think all the parents were overcome with thankfulness for powerful friendships our girls have found in each other. They are beautiful girls-inside and out! I am anxious to see how God will use each one in miraculous ways to impact His kingdom. Their parents serve as role models to me as to how to raise a godly young woman. I am indebted to them for the investment they have made in my own child. Addison is just now forming those friendships that will take into her teenage years. May God guard her choices as they have a powerful influence on her decisions.

Tom headed out of town to do some work in Jackson, TN, and I headed out to Wal-mart for decorations and gifts for Addie's 8th birthday tomorrow. Once I arrived home I had to wait a few hours for the soon-t0-be 8 year old princess to fall asleep. Then I snuck into her room to hang balloons and streamers up to greet her when she wakes up in the morning. Mission accomplished!

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