Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Playing Ketchup (Catch Up)

Like sands through the hourglass...so are the days of our lives! I can't believe I've let four days pass without a single entry!

Monday was a busy and exciting day filled with adventure! Our monthly Reach Them meeting was held at Citadel Broadcasting. I saw Ed Brantley walk through our meeting room a couple of time. I think it's so cool to put faces with names I've only heard on the radio! We had a great turn out of Dream Team members. Jennie and Hillary came over from Lotts, Ed and Anderson were there, of course (my most faithful dreamers!), Dave Gorden is a strong leader with a lot to teach us, Martha was there too, fresh from a remote broadcast. Much to my surprise, my friend and fellow teacher at West Valley, Phil Burnette was there. He kept pretty quiet though. I was excited to see Anthony Ingram on board with us. I think he truly understands our mission and the critical importance of making a difference. Summer Tucker also brings a lot of experience and insight and is proving to be a valuable asset to our team. Kathy Seagrist was back! Now that tax-time has passed, she's ready to provide valuable financial advice which our team greatly needs! Travis brought great news from his Chick-fil-A family. He said they want to "pull out all the stops" this year and provide food for everyone who attends the event in October. I was thrilled to hear that not only are they ready to renew their support, they're also ready to step it up a notch! Last, but certainly not least, my friend Chris and her son Justin came. As I look around the table, I can't help but be awed by what God has brought together!

The biggest surprise to me was that my dad didn't show up! Everyone was asking me where he was, but I didn't know. You can be sure I gave him a call from the parking lot to find out what was up with him. Would you believe that he "just forgot!" I had to walk up to his house to fill him in on all the exciting news. While I was there, I got to see Nina and Donna, and Katie with Lauren and Ben. What a treat! I don't have very much time to visit with family these days, but summer's coming and I know they'll all be sick of me by August!

I learned that Hallerin had spent the night in the hospital with chest pains! Fortunately, he'd been released and was feeling well again. Martha said he'd be back on the radio Tuesday morning, and sure 'nuff - he was! Yay! My wake-up call is back in business!

Tuesday, we managed to get Sam to finish his "q" homework paper right after school. Morgan had invited Addie home from school with her today, so Sam could work without distractions. Addie had soccer practice and so did Sam. Tom and I divided to conquer! He went with Sam and I went with Addie. After practice, Tom had to show a house, so Addie and I met Delaney, Chelcie, Allison, Ed, and Olivia at MOE's! The evening came to a close by watching American Idol with Chelcie. Poor Jason! He FORGOT the lyrics to his "Tambourine Man" song. We both think he'll be voted off tomorrow. Sherry and I hoofed it to Weigles at about 10:00. Poor Sherry, I just vented the entire walk! She makes a great therapist!

Wednesday was a beautiful day spent almost entirely outside! Our team went on a field trip to a farm way out in Corryton. The kids learned a lot of about the Civil War and seemed to enjoy their day. We all enjoyed eating lunch at the Food Court in the mall! After school, Addie was brought to WVMS by her big sis' and we went to Evan's house to pick up Sam. I enjoyed my brief visit with Evan's mom, Amy and Kelly Keener. From there, we made a quick stop at the grocery store. This blogging thing is going to my head! I'm constantly thinking about the BLOG!

My older baby girl, Chelcie, enjoyed her last day of high school today! She had baccalaureate practice this afternoon. After a minor crisis-she thought I had misplaced the white collar of her graduation gown, but then she found it (whew), all was good in the world. The highlight of MY day was watching my younger baby girl, Addie, share her book on Author's Day. She wrote a charming book with magnificent illustrations entitled, "Squeak Finds a Friend." Of course, her book was the best and she did the best job presenting her book! Think I'm biased? Of course I am! She's the best!

Addie read to Sam in her room while I cleaned up the kitchen tonight. We wrapped up the evening by making some yummy cookies, reading Addie's new "Spider" magazine, and sharing bedtime prayers. If only they could stay so innocent! Savoring the days,


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