Saturday, May 31, 2008

I Hear a Still, Small Voice...

...and his name is Sam! Are we busy? Are we hurried? Are we too stressed? Do we take time out to escape the noise of our lives to listen to the voice of God? Peace. Stillness. Tranquility. Contentment.

Peace, Stillness, and Tranquility were strangers to my day today. Tom is out of town with Scotty Hicks and Steve Mathis, so it's just me and the young 'uns again!

Katie, Lauren, Ben, and Natalie invited us to join them for "Reading Day" at World's Fair Park today. How could I pass up such an opportunity to expose my children to literature, learning, words, poetry, and culture? The kids had a great time and the weather was perfect!

The highlight of the day was our trip to that icon of the Knoxville landscape-the Sunsphere! Katie has lived her entire life in Knoxville, and today was her first trip up the "Big Ball!"

We opted for lunch at Moe's on the strip. Poor Katie, being unfamliar with the ordering process and menu at Moe's, she got a little stressed. She was pushed to her limit and almost said to forget the whole thing, but she managed order enough tacos to feed the young ones. Just as she made her way to the patio with her tray of goodies, Natalie dumped her drink out as she made her way out the door! I think the look on Katie's face pretty much sums up her reaction to her experience at Moe's! Priceless!
After lunch, the Crawfords headed home to check up on the "big kids." Turns out Drew was with Dane at the lake and Chelcie was preparing to go fishing with Becca Jones and some guy (poor dude, he probably had no idea was he's getting himself into with the two of them)! I'm not exactly sure what they were hoping to catch!
About five o'clock, Addie, Sam and I decided to head out to the Cove so they could go for a swim. I sat in the shade on my blanket and watched and listened to the people around me. I felt overdressed in my shorts and t-shirt as every female, regardless of size, had on a bikini! And the majority had at least one very prominent tattoo! Several yelled at their kids while simultaneously holding a cigarette between their lips. I actually saw one guy take a dip wearing cut-off bib overalls!
As I sat perched there on my blanket, with my nose stuck up so high in the air, I was convicted by the Holy Spirit that we are ALL loved by God. How dare I judge them? I had no say into which family I was born. God blessed me by giving me parents who love me, an education that allows me to "know better," and enough modesty not to show my stuff to anyone who happens to glance my way! What grabbed me most was watching the children. They were all beautiful! And you know what? When I looked at the women with their bikinis and tattoos, and the old men in bib overalls through my enlightened eyes, I saw them as innocent, little children who didn't know or care that someday in their future a lady on a blanket would learn a lesson from them that she desperately needed to learn!

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